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If you are like many other homeowners who are thinking about the future, there is a good chance you are planning to stay in your current home after retirement. However, you want to avoid waiting until the last minute to make any necessary changes to your home. It is best to make these changes before you need them to ensure you are prepared for the future. As you age, you may also have a harder time moving around your home. Minor, or in some cases, major changes will sometimes need to be made.

Upgrades and renovations don’t have to be about just tile and shower stalls. If you are facing a renovation or remodeling, there are other ways to upgrade your home that can give you long lasting enjoyment and accessibility. 

To help you get started, here are six home improvements to make before retirement.

Upgrade Your Entrance

Start by upgrading the entrance to ensure it is always easy to enter and exit your home. For example, you may want to add a ramp and widen your doorway to prepare for walkers and wheelchairs. This also works for guests and other family members who require special accommodations. Remember, your comfort and convenience are more important than curb appeal.

Replace Your Siding

There are several reasons to replace your siding before retirement. First, you need to protect your home from weather and water damage. Second, a beautiful exterior is essential to creating a happy home. Finally, you want to ensure your home is updated in case you do decide to sell in the future. You can hire a professional company such as Kelly’s Construction Inc. to upgrade your siding.

Consider if you want to go with vinyl siding, wood paneling, cement, or any of the available options. They will differ on cost, durability, and upkeep requirements. Look at the houses in your neighborhood for ideas. If there’s a home you like, take a note what style of siding they went with. It’s a good way to picture how it will look on your house.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

There are times when you may need to just wash your hair. You may also have times when you need to do a quick clean-up of your younger children or bathe your newborn. These are all instances when a full shower or bath may not be ideal. One upgrade that can help is to add a sink wand to your bathroom appliances. Sink wands can allow you to turn your sink into a hair washing station, area for quick clean-up or a safe area to bathe your newborn. The wands can be styled to match your bathroom decor and can be adapted to hang easily on the wall or the side of the vanity without getting in the way.

One of the leading upgrades for bathrooms and bathroom appliances is to add tubs and sinks with bathroom controls or smart control features. These features allow you to turn on the bath or sink water from your smartphone. You can adjust the temperature, run your bath, turn off the water or set a timer for turning on your bath or shower. This can come in handy when you have a family member who is wheelchair bound or a child with special needs. You can set the water, turn it on and have the bath or shower ready as you move to the bathroom. This frees your hands to help assist the other person.

Update Your Garage Door

The last thing you want is for an outdated garage door to become a problem in the future. You may find yourself dipping into your retirement funds if you wait until the last minute to have it repaired. It is also important to have it repaired before it causes an injury to you, your family, or guests. If your garage door is worn down or not working properly, it is time to have it inspected and repaired by a professional.

Add a Sound System

One of the appliances you can have added to your home are built-in speakers. These types of speakers can run off your bluetooth from your phone or tablet. They allow you to play music, podcasts and other entertainment options while showering or relaxing in your upgraded living spaces. Though this is considered a luxury item by some, it is an appliance that can help with soothing your emotional and mental state while you are relaxing, enjoying your retirement years.

Repair Your Roof

It is also important to have your roof inspected or repaired as soon as you notice an issue. The last thing you want is a roof that is no longer protecting your home from debris, pests, wind, and water damage. A roof with gaps or holes also causes a draft in your home. You may need to have your roof repaired or replaced if you notice loose or missing shingles, granule loss, or leaks.

You may only need to consider one or two renovations from this list, or maybe you are planning to make all four exterior renovations to your home. If you make the renovations before you need them, you can rest assured that you are prepared for whatever the future may bring. If any of these improvements sound like they would work well for your home upgrades and renovations, contact your local contractor. They can help you with options, pricing, and delivery. Keep in mind, some of these appliances will need some kind of installation.


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