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Are you looking to overhaul your wardrobe in time for summer? Summer is the time of year when people get very busy, their schedules full with summer events such as holidays, festivals, trips to the beach and much more. However, many people are still stuck wearing their winter clothes and don’t know where to begin when it comes to creating the perfect summer wardrobe. Getting the perfect summer wardrobe is a lot easier when you know where to start. 

Firstly, you should make a list of all the clothes that you will actually need this summer, tailored to the events you know you will be attending this summer. For example, if you’re going on a trip such as visiting Spain or another beach destination, you may need to buy more swimsuits and beach outfits. You should take a long look at your wardrobe and see what you will need to buy in time for the summer months – this will help you keep your shopping organised. 


Pick Clothes That Make You Feel Good

One thing that you shouldn’t forget when buying new clothes for the perfect summer wardrobe is how these clothes make you feel. You need to feel comfortable and happy in your clothes, or else your money will be wasted and you won’t wear them. This is especially true if you want to create a summer wardrobe that you will be able to wear for many years. One of the biggest problems when it comes to the fashion industry is how many clothes reach landfill and end up besieging the planet. Instead of always throwing clothes away, make sure the clothes you do buy make you feel amazing. 

There are multiple ways that you can make sure that the clothes you buy make you feel incredible. For a start, you should look into different body types and which body type you have. Different styles of clothes suit people differently, so you should always make sure that you’re picking clothes that accentuate your good features. You also shouldn’t pick clothes that you don’t like – for example, if you don’t like to wear skirts, don’t feel pressured to do so just because they are a summery item! Making sure your wardrobe best represents you and makes you feel fantastic is one of the most important parts of creating the perfect summer wardrobe. 


Look At Colour Theory 

Colour theory is one of the biggest helpers when it comes to creating a perfect wardrobe for you. Many fashion designers and journalists swear by colour theory as a means to pick the perfect clothes for each individual person. The undertones of your skin and hair make certain colours look amazing on you, whilst other colours can wash you out completely. Knowing what colours suit you is one of the best ways to pick the perfect wardrobe for you. 

For example, colour theory states that everyone can be categorised into four types – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Winter and Autumn types suit darker shades, while Spring and Summer suit lighter shades. However, no matter what type you are, you will always be able to find a colour that makes you look and feel amazing. By doing the work to find out which colours suit you best, you can tailor your wardrobe to always make you look good. This way, you can enjoy the summer in all of your clothes. To find out what type you are, take a colour theory test online. 


Go Timeless 

If you want your summer wardrobe to last a few years, you should avoid buying too many trendy items. While a lot of people buy microtrends and fleeting fashion fads, they don’t stay fashionable for a long time. This has only gotten worse in recent years, with fashion trends changing as often as every month. If you buy too many of these items, you could end up with a wardrobe full of dated clothes that only end up in landfill. You will also be left without good clothes to wear next year! 

When buying clothes, remember that fashion fades, and style is eternal. Instead of buying into every single trend that is in fashion magazines and social media this summer, invest in high-quality capsule pieces that never go out of fashion. When you create a wardrobe that is timeless, you will be able to wear it for years to come and could save you a lot of money in the long run. Investing in timeless clothes that are great quality, you also help to save the planet. Choose things that will still be in style in a year’s time and go for an eternally classic look in order to have the perfect summer wardrobe. 


Great Quality

Buying clothes that fall apart after a few wears are not good for anyone, and also contribute to the amount of clothes in landfill that are affecting climate change and the health of our planet. Instead of having lots of low-quality clothes, invest in a few high-quality, well-made pieces that you can wear for a long time. Durable fabrics that will keep you cool in the winter such as Linen, Silk and organic cotton can be expensive, however, they are a fantastic investment if you want an amazing summer wardrobe. Although some clothes are more expensive than others, if they are sustainable and well-made, you could save a lot of money in the long run. 


Make Sure They Fit Well

Celebrities always look great because their clothes are tailored to fit them well. If you want to look stylish all the time, you should invest in tailoring your clothes and buying clothes that fit you amazingly. You could pay someone to tailor your clothes to you, or work on your sewing skills and alter them yourself! This is one of the most simple and best ways to improve your wardrobe and ensure you always look put-together and stylish. 


Dress For The Occasion 

One of the best fashion tips that will help you create the perfect summer wardrobe is ‘dress for the occasion.’ For example, if you’re going on a relaxing beach holiday, taking camping clothes may not be the best choice. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for how to dress, you can always make scrapbooks of clothes that you like or look at your favourite influencers. For example, plenty of popular content creators have been displaying their festival outfits from Coachella recently. If you’ve got a festival coming up this summer, take a look at their posts and see if you can find something that you like. To always look stylish, make sure that you dress for the occasion.