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You might be wondering what it means to “dress for success”, you see it is not simply a clever rhyme, but an idiom relevant to anyone and everyone seeking accomplishment and fulfillment in their professional lives. “Dress for success” possesses the same meaning as the more dated phrase “clothes maketh the man”. Both of these express the belief that what you wear makes a difference. Approximately 50% of another’s perception of you is based on your outer appearance, and you know what they say… First impressions last. On a night out you may wish to hit the casino for some fun with your best girls, but might be a little hesitant. This shows and is the last thing you want those around you to see, these tips can help you exhume confidence at the blackjack table. In need of some practice? Head to for a few practice runs before you strut into the casino for a night of fun and chance!

Here is how you can make a good impression to those around you -a few tips to help you dress for success.

  1. Put your sleuthing cap on and find out if the casino has a dress code. Some common dress codes are black tie; formal; semiformal; smart casual and casual. If the dress code is not obvious upon first glance or during your perusal of the website don’t be afraid to ask!
  2. Get inspiration from Casino Royale the movie. Let those earrings dangle and those necklines plunge as you glide onto that casino floor in that gorgeous gown.
  3. When the sun starts to go down, the gown and cocktail attire comes out. When in doubt dress it up, if you are not sure of the dress code, always overdress rather than under dress. Pick out your best dress that radiates confidence.
  4. Make sure the shoes match the dress and make you comfortable enough to strut your stuff and focus on the chance at hand.
  5. Flashy accessories; attention is not always a bad thing. The distraction of some sparkling jewels can help you get away with a few tells at the poker table.
  6. If you came to win and intend to bring a lot of props with you when you gamble (strategy guides, pen, and paper, etc.) then make sure you wear something with pockets or a pocketed blazer you can throw over your arm.
  7. Make sure you are clean, pressed and your clothing is well fitted. The devil is in the details, make sure you do not have any snags or stains upon your final inspection and go out and enjoy your night!

If you wish to fit in, feel at ease, and impress those around you on your next casino visit, let this be your guide. Confidence is key when playing a game of chance. The clothing you wear has a direct link to your confidence, attitude, and the image you project. Make sure you are dressing with the intent of success! If you want to be confident and successful in all aspects of life you need to dress the part.