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We get it. Sometimes life gets overwhelming. You may begin feeling that anxiety, fears and stress have filled your life. Perhaps you feel like nothing pleases you. You want to be productive, but instead, you spend all day watch YouTube or play at the live betting site. Here are some tips to help you get your life back on track.

Start with your home

Create your “Calendar to cleanse the house of unnecessary things,” by distributing the days to clean up the different shelves in your flat. For example:

Day 1: Tidy up magazines.

Day 2: Tidy up your music collection.

Day 3. Tidy up books.

Understand that all things have their place. Try to follow the following rules for 10 days:

  • If you have taken something, put it back later.
  • If you have opened something, close it.
  • If you dropped something, pick it up.
  • If you have taken something, hang it up.

Study and educate yourself

Choose a hard book, which you haven’t read yet but wanted to. Read it in 100 days.

Learn something new every day. For example, the name of a flower, the capital of a distant country, etc. In the evening, call to mind all the new things you learned during the day, get the dictionary and learn a new word.

Remember about time management

Carry your notebook everywhere for the next 100 days. Write down all the ideas and thoughts that come to your mind, make your to-do list, write down new meetings literally on the go right after calls.

Keep track of how you use your time for 5 days. Use the information you have collected to create your “time budget”: a percentage of the total time for the tasks you do each day. For example, home cleaning, work, rest, etc. Make sure you are on your budget for the next few weeks.

Determine for yourself a low priority activity, which you may not do for 100 days, and replace it with an essential one.

In a nutshell, it’s easy to get happier and make your life satisfying. Simply remember why you start it, and you will notice positive changes soon.



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