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All site owners want to be ranked at the top in the search engines. The top ten on the result pages are prime real estate. When you hear the old theme of ‘location- location -location’ it’s very much like that with result pages. Whenever you hit the number one slot, it means a lot more traffic for your site. This is what the whole game is about. You have to get lots of traffic if you want to be successful with your site. And targeted traffic is the only kind to deal in, they’re the ones who are already interested in what your selling, and will result in more sales for you. One proven tactic for getting yourself to the number one spot on the results page is one by way of one way links.

Page Ranking Goes Up From Traffic Sent From High Page Ranking Sites – This is one of the beautiful things about getting one way links from quality sites. Page ranking is an essential part of the game when it comes to search engines. Whenever a high page ranked site links up with your site, your page ranking goes up. But it’s not just a one-shot deal. You need to acquire as many of these as possible, because not just the quality of the link is considered, but so is the number of them you have, the relevance they have, and how popular your article marketing sites are, will all factor into the equation. So a site that has a page rank of 35 will beat out one with a page rank of only 5.

Know That Traffic Increases Traffic – You want to link up to sites that are already getting a good amount of unique traffic. If you link yourself up to one that’s generating a couple million visitors every month, the search engines will see the high volume of traffic as a sign of relevance, because so many people go there. And people will show up if a site keeps good fresh and relevant types of content on their sites. That’s what brings them in. You can get much more traffic from this type of site if you can manage to get your one way link from there.

Ensure You Get Relevant Types of Links – It’s good to get a link from a popular site, and it will always increase your traffic, but if it’s not relevant to your site, it won’t send you ‘targeted’ traffic. If you are selling pet supplies, then a link from a dog trainer could help you out. But if you are selling pet supplies and get a link from a car mechanic site, even if it’s a good one, the traffic from there won’t net you much. And the search engines don’t like sites that don’t match up, and you could get penalized for doing it. So it’s not a good idea.

If you’re not well-versed in SEO, then sometimes it pays to hire professionals to do this type of thing for you. Find yourself a reputable link building service to launch your campaign for you.

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    Link building the basic step of SEO..One must use for every SEO done..

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