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For those of us that just know the world of 3D from funny posters and certain movies, 3D printing is something that is still foreign to us. Trying to understand 3D printing and what it can do can be a bit confusing to learn as well. Hopefully, after reading this, you will have better knowledge of just how 3D printing might be able to change how you currently do things in your life.

The Basics

Imagine that you have just drawn a diagram, a picture, of something and instead of just having it on a piece of paper, you would like to have it leap off the page and become a real thing. This is what 3D printing can do. It can take a digital model and construct it into an actual physical object. Essentially, it can help you create anything that you can imagine.

How Does It Work?

3D printing is an additive technology. It is actually like the opposite of sculpting where you slowly whittle away piece by piece. Instead, with 3D printing, you are adding layer after layer until the object is created. It all starts with a digital 3D model and then you are on your way. If you would like to learn more about the process, you can choose a Solidworks partner in Montreal that will guide you through it step by step.

What Can You Do With 3D Printing?

The real question is what can you not do with 3D printing? In the near future, a trip to the dentist office where they tell you that you need a new cap for your tooth will not result in several trips back. They can merely print off a new one in the back room in minutes and have you on your way.

This is just one instance of how it could affect your everyday life. Imagine you are at your mechanic and they just told you that you need a new part for your car but they cannot get it for a few days. Now they can just print one out instantly and have you on your way.

But you can also think bigger picture. In the very near future, actual human organs will be able to be printed and placed in the body when needed. Whether it is for a new liver or a new heart, the possibilities are endless.



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