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Personal hygiene is a human necessity. Without practising good personal hygiene we are susceptible to getting dangerous diseases that can be life-threatening. Aside from the risk that it imposes, having poor personal hygiene is not a desirable trait and it can lead to judgement and discomfort for the people around us. Whilst we should not care what others think, having good personal hygiene is most important for our self-benefit. Some practices are taught from childhood, but to master great personal hygiene it is best taught from the cleanliness of people.

Some personal hygiene tips may be part of your daily routine already, for example if you work  in food hygiene, but there are a few underlying tips that tend to be neglected and disregarded. If you would like to be seen as a hygienic person who goes above and beyond for their cleanliness, keep the following tips in mind:


Shower twice a day, no exceptions 


There are many divided opinions when it comes to how many times a day we should shower. If you are the type of person who only showers when they feel it is necessary, you need to change your way of thinking. We spend much of our days working, doing activities, and being exposed to the outside world. Even if you spend the whole day indoors relaxing in bed, there will be lots of sweat that develops throughout the day. When you wake up in the morning after spending hours asleep you should be showering. Also, after finishing your day you should bathe yourself to remove any dirt and bacteria that may have accumulated. It is a must if you wish to be clean.


Wash your bed sheets weekly 


Off the topic of sleeping and accumulating dirt, you should make sure that you are washing your bed sheets weekly. Our bed sheets can have lots of build-up of dirt and dead skin cells. If you are the type of person who barely washed their bedsheets, this could be a reason why your bedroom doesn’t smell fresh, as well as you not feeling fresh when you go to sleep at night. Fresh bed sheets can often help you feel more cosy and comfortable, therefore if you wish to maintain better hygiene as well as have a good night’s sleep, you should wash your bedsheets weekly.


Take care of your hands and feet 


Our hands and feet often go neglected when it comes to personal hygiene. Both men and women should regularly maintain the health of the skin on their hands, as well as their nails. This includes keeping your hands and feet soft and moisturised to avoid flakey skin and also cleaning your fingernails daily. You do not have to have a fresh manicure to have good hygiene for your nails, but simply making sure your nails are not too long and free of dirt is essential. 


Wash your face thoroughly 


Our faces also accumulate a lot of bacteria as one of the most exposed parts of our bodies. There are lots of pores on the skin on our faces, which if left uncleaned, can usually result in consequences such as acne. Acne can also be a hormonal problem so do not fret if you clean your face and still experience acne. If you don’t wash your face using specific cleaners to clean your pores and remove bacteria, you should start doing so to improve your hygiene.


Clean every crevice 


By this, we mean it is important to not neglect less tended areas such as our belly buttons and ears. As harder-to-clean areas, they sometimes can go unnoticed and are therefore left holding dirt and bacteria. Use a cue tip to clean these intricate ideas properly and make sure that no areas of your body are left with dirt buildup.


Sanitise your hands after being in public


Washing our hands thoroughly to remove any remaining bad bacteria is essential if we hope to stay healthy. When we go outside and are exposed to different bacteria, the worst ones can often enter our systems from our hands. Simply touching food and ingesting it with unsanitized hands is unsanitary, so make sure that you are regularly sanitising your hands. Carry some hand sanitiser around with you to keep things safe.


Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing


Covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing is essential if you wish to maintain good personal hygiene. If you cough and sneeze without covering your mouth you are essentially spreading your bacteria and putting others at risk of contracting any illness you have. Make sure you always cover your mouth, dispose of any tissues promptly, and also sanitise your hands once you are done.


Visit the dentist every 6 months 


Personal hygiene also is highly dependent on your dental hygiene. If you are already brushing your teeth twice a day, you should also make sure that you are visiting the dentist every 6 months. Visiting a dentist in Leamington Spa should not be neglected if you want to make sure no problems are developing. Things such as stained teeth and bad breath are considered poor personal hygiene, so look to rectify any of these problems if you experience them through the advice of your dentist.


Do not over wear dirty clothes 

As much as we all hate doing large loads of clothing washes, they can be a cause of poor personal hygiene. Re-wearing clothing with too many items is likely to hold onto bad external bacteria, and also hold onto sweat that builds up throughout the day. You do not need to excessively wash your clothes, but instead, you should not be wearing items more than twice. On the contrary, you should not wash items such as jeans or leather pieces as often as other pieces of clothing, but still, be conscious to wash them if they start to develop a smell or stains.


Exfoliate your body 


Our bodies have a build-up of dead skin that completely regenerates over time. To speed up this process and get rid of the dead skin cells that can be considered unhygienic, you should exfoliate your body at least once a month. There are exfoliating solutions that can do this, or you might also consider dry brushing which is a method that has been routinely used for centuries. 


Bottom line 


Overall, personal hygiene is a basic necessity which highly benefits ourselves, as well as the people around us. Make sure that you regularly bathe, exfoliate your body, wash your clothes, visit the dentist, and also wash your hands after you have been in public.