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There are plenty of myths about Apple Mac, and most of them are wrong.

Mac vs. PC is a topic that tends to kick-start some funny discussions. These runs usually over by the more or less well thought out of date arguments and claims upon the different platforms. Many are outdated or directly erroneous.

In this article we will therefore look in fifteen myths about the Mac, and hopefully kill many of them.

We know that PC stands for Personal Computer that is a personal computer. Mac is a PC. For simplicity’s sake we will still count in this article a PC computer with Windows operating systems. A computer running Mac OS, we will refer to as a Mac.

Myth 1: The Mac is more users friendly

Well: Mac OS will probably seem a little easier to use and give you a little more vague or streamlined experience where you really need to think too much about the details. But do you want to move slightly across and down the operating system will usually be slightly better off on Windows (not to mention Linux). Windows 7 is even easier and better to use than its predecessors.

The operating systems on Mac and PC look a bit different and seem a little differently, but Mac OS X and Windows 7 is right on par with each other. Unless you have special needs, a PC could do the same job a Mac does, and vice versa. For most, it is only a matter of taste, or at least what one is accustomed to.

Myth 2: The Mac will not get virus

Mac OS still has a relatively small market share worldwide, which means that the virus programmers mainly concentrate on the Windows platform. But that does not mean that the world is free of malicious code that can infect a Mac. A major point is that over 80% of security threats are web-based and largely platform independent. This helps that many Mac users largely think of their Mac systems as invulnerable to virus attacks.

Myth 3: The Mac has better design and quality

Well: Most people probably agree that Apple’s choice of materials and design (in most cases) has led to the aesthetically pleasing products. There is also no doubt that Apple can put together hardware, and most of their products are of good quality. It’s also why their inexpensive laptop costs 7890 dollars, while getting a regular laptop costs a few hundred dollars. The latter will not give the same impression is obvious. If you are not willing to pay for it, there are also many nice and solid PCs. Check for example the Sony Vaio computers, or try the quality of the Lenovo ThinkPad iconic.

Myth 4: Mac always crashes

Apple has a slightly easier job than Microsoft. While Windows is designed to work with all possible configurations of hardware, you need Mac OS only work with just the computers that Apple itself builds. This means that a Mac will not have problems with stability due to the components of one or other reason will not work properly together.

The fact that a bug in the software gets the computer to crash is for both PC and Mac. In most cases, it is the third party software that creates problems.

Myth 5: Mac cannot be upgraded

Mac OS as mentioned supports only a limited selection of hardware, while on a PC you can choose components from the top shelf. So while it is easier to upgrade a desktop PC.

For laptops, it is usually only hard drive and memory that can be dealt with anyway. With the exception of the MacBook Air, it is also likely to do this on a portable Mac.

Myth 6: You cannot right click on a Mac

The newer Mac comes with a mouse, although strictly speaking these still have only one button. Only thing is that you must turn it on from the mouse control panel. For laptops, simply click with two fingers on the touchpad instead of one.

Myth 7: Mac cannot handle Windows and PC files

It was taken out, when Windows had over 90% market share for desktop computers. Mac is certainly a more capable stake in Western countries, but there are still some software and games that are not available for Mac. In Mac OS, Apple has therefore come up been with the program Boot Camp that helps you install Windows, and you can have it in addition to or instead of the Mac OS. Windows can also run virtually. The biggest problem with Windows on a Mac, maybe you get less battery life than with Mac OS.

 Myth 8: You cannot play on Mac

The growing mass of Mac user deadline games industry and the popular distribution platform Steam has over 200 games for Mac OS. Games have also been a hit on Apple’s App Store.

If your favorite game does not exist for Mac OS, why not as well install Windows on the Mac for this.

The problem with Mac games is perhaps now with the graphics cards you get to the Mac is not exactly the newest and fastest. If you want a computer for gaming, PC is still going to be your choice.

Myth 9: Mac has problems in Windows network

Mac clients work fine in the network, but they behave differently on the network than a PC running Windows. Problems are mainly a result of lack of knowledge about how things should be done, not that the hardware is not compatible.

Myth 10: Mac is late with new hardware

RIGHT: A PC manufacturer (or DIY) is at all times free to choose among the latest components. Apple’s Mac OS has mentioned not as broad support for different hardware, and you will not build your own Mac *. You must be neatly waiting for Apple to release new computers, which typically happens once or twice a year.

(* Some tried and succeeded. It’s called a Hackintosh.)

Apple has become quite adapting with their release cycle with Intel’s pace, so they are not particularly aft sail. Sometimes they also front new technology, like Thunderbolt (Light Peak).

Myth 11: Macs are more expensive

RIGHT: If we look only at the specifications will usually be able to save some money to go for a PC instead. But we can of course calculate the factors such as design, quality, battery life (for laptops) and not least the possibility of using Mac OS and bundled software. Then it’s up to each of the price is worth it. What is easier to point out is that it is expensive to upgrade a Mac from the basic configuration of the Apple Store. If you do this yourself you will save thousands of dollars.

Myth 12: Macs have higher resale value

RIGHT: A gently used Mac is easier to get rid of than a gray PC and you will be able to get a better price for it. But this must be weighed against the fact that a Mac usually costs more than a PC to begin with. The disadvantage of such a readily marketable computer is that it is also more attractive to thieves.

Myth 13: Mac just works

RIGHT: For normal use, Mac will do it. It’s really just to turn it on and crack the time. When you feel that you lack something, it is also easy to install new applications through the App Store.

If you buy a new PC with Windows it is perhaps better weighed down by all kinds of software you have needed, while it may lack the PDF reader. On the other hand, you are free to uninstall and install what you want in the future.

Myth 14: Mac is faster than a PC

ERROR: If you spending as much money in a PC as a Mac, it will not be perceived as slow. Comparing a Mac to a cheap PC with Vista, we are talking of course entirely about something else.

Myth 15: All Mac people are completely crazy

ERROR: There are many Mac users who are neither fanatics nor disciples. Unfortunately, there are also some people who are crazy and dedicated disciples of Mac.

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