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In today’s urban landscape, where the cost of living space is at a premium, apartment living has been the norm for many. Not only that but a desired space for those who are new to the home scene and what to be at the heart of city apartments being in a prime location can also present unique challenges when it comes to interior design. 


These cosy spaces can present an opportunity to get creative and also do not require a lot of effort compared to the interior design that comes with a house. With the right approach, you can transform your small space into a stylish and functional oasis that not only reflects your personality but also allows you to get the most out of the space you have.


When you successfully interior design your apartment, it can build your confidence and help you establish your style while you’re saving for a deposit for your dream future home.


Overall, the key is to maximise the available space and create a stylish and functional space. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of your apartment. 

Interior Design Inspiration 

Embrace Minimalism 


One of the most effective and modern approaches to small apartment interior design is embracing minimalism. This can also be a cost-effective and rental-friendly way to design your apartment, as little changes need to be made along with little decor for a minimalist look. 


Decluttering and keeping only the essentials visible can make your space feel larger and more open. Investing in multi-functional furniture pieces that can serve more than one purpose, such as a sofa bed or dining table with storage, can also be an effective cost and space saver.


This can also be an environmentally friendly option, but only have pieces of furniture and practical items to avoid waste. A lot of people buy low-quality items that are eventually thrown away. Minimalists usually have little waste and usually only invest in quality items with a long life span. 

Utilise Vertical Space 


In small apartments, every inch counts and can be used for something. Taking advantage of vertical space should be done by every apartment occupant. This can easily be achieved with floating shelves and tall bookshelves, which can maximise your storage space without taking up much room. 


Additionally, hanging plants, wall plants, wall art and mirrors can bring light, character and depth to your walls and draw your attention upwards, which in turn can create the illusion of a bigger space. 

Optimise Furniture Selection 


When choosing furniture for your small space, you must prioritise pieces that are versatile, lightweight and multi-purpose. Investing in pieces that can be easily moved and transformed can be a game-changer. 


Try sofa beds, foldable dining tables, and ottomans with hidden storage. Capitalising on the space you have with functional, tasteful pieces of furniture will transform the way you live and can be extremely cost-effective. 

Mirrors for Illusion 


Mirrors are a small space’s best friend. By strategically placing mirrors, you can create the illusion of depth and make your space appear bigger. Additionally, it allows you to utilise as much natural light as possible; you can, in effect, bounce the light around the room while adding some sophistication and elegance to your space. 


Consider large, full-length mirrors or mirrored furniture like coffee tables or cabinets to reflect the light in as many places as possible. 

Create Divides With Rugs 


When it comes to apartments, it is well known that you share rooms. For example, your dining room, kitchen and living room might all be in the same space. By creating distinct zones, it can be useful when designing different areas and creating the illusion of different spaces.


This can also add some warmth and some colour elements that can add some personality to your space. 

Smart Organisation Solutions 


Effective organisation is crucial in small spaces. Use baskets, bins and drawer organisers to keep items tidy and easily accessible. Consider custom-built storage solutions like built-in wardrobes, bookshelves and floating shelves. 


Additionally, having beg high from the ground gives you enough space to store some unnecessary things, such as your suitcases or old moving boxes. 

Paint Tricks 


Using paint tricks can be an easy, affordable and renter-friendly (as long as you change it back) way to add colour and some flair to any room. While luxury colour schemes that compliment a minimalist feel are your neutral colours, a small space can often benefit from some dramatic colour schemes. 


People assume that if you have a small space, it has to have white walls; however, it won’t create a smaller room if you add some bold schemes to create an intimate and cost-effective atmosphere. 


To start off, you can add some colour to your door frame or some geometric shapes to your walls. This can tie all your furniture and accessories together and create a homey vibe. 

Use Vertical Gardens


Bring nature into your apartment where you can, whether its on your balcony or your window sill; consider vertical gardens. They are scientifically proven to have positive impacts on your physical and mental health and while being in a small space, you can add some things from the outside. 

Blackout Curtains 


Ensuring your space is functional in the sense that you want to have your days as light as possible and you want your evening to shut out all the light so you can unwind and get the best night sleep possible. Adding blackout curtains to your interior design checklist will make sure you’re having the best experience in your apartment. 


Create the Illusion of Space 


Trick the eye into piercing more space with strategy and design techniques. Try this trick of hanging your curtains high and close to the ceiling, which can create the illusion that the room is taller. Using a light coloured palette to create an airy feel.


Incorporate Your Personal Style 


Don’t forget to infuse your personal style into the design of your apartment. Use artwork, decorative cushions, rugs, and accent pieces to add character and personality to your space. It should feel like home, regardless of the size. 


Try layering pattern to create a luxury, high-end finish perfect for those who are on a budget. It can create interest without the eye settling on one thing for too long and can add some beautiful finishes to your small space. 


In conclusion, small spaces can offer a big style when approached with creativity and thoughtful design. By implementing these strategies, you can transform your apartment into a comfortable and stylish oasis, making the most of every square foot. Whether you want to embrace minimalism, add pops of colour, or invest in multi-purpose furniture, don’t forget to add your personal touches and make your apartment yours.