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MacBook Pro Retina display is Apple’s first, and as far as we know the world’s first – laptop with resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels. In fact, this is also over what you find on standard 30-inch computer monitors, where the standard is of 2560 x 1600 pixels. And this MacBook Pro has a screen of just 15.4 inches.

The fine screen is the big selling point for this computer, and it is without doubt a fine thing to watch. But you cannot have completely what you want. Super resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, you will enjoy in this version of MacBook Pro.

Thin and light

But Apple’s new model not only has this so-called Retina display on the praise list. Here’s the performance unit from a last-generation Intel Core i7 processor with four cores, plus a GeForce GT 650 gpu from Nvidia for the extra graphics performance. The whole thing is flat packed in a 1.8 inch thick and two kilograms heavy aluminum body with the usual quality and design that comes with a MacBook Pro. Also keyboard and touchpad follows the good standard.

To achieve all this in place, Apple has been forced to remove the things you find on a “standard” MacBook Pro. The optical drive is gone, along with a FireWire connector and wired networks. Do you need to burn a DVD, or have trouble with the wireless network; you need to focus on external solutions over USB or Thunderbolt.

Retina model has two such universal Thunderbolt ports and two USB 3.0 jacks, HDMI and USB. It is not the best equipped machine when it comes to connections, but will do fine. It is also the case that modern notebook is intended to be used without too many wires. The machine has Bluetooth and 802.11n wireless network at 2.4 – and 5 GHz frequency bands.

In addition to Apple’s own AirPlay, which lets you view screenshots, music, photos and video wirelessly to your TV. AirPlay for MacBook comes in the operating system OS X Mountain Lion, which is released during the month of July. New MacBook buyers can upgrade to Mountain Lion free.

Performing all jobs

As we said, your computer has plenty of functionality- this is a laptop that can handle everyday tasks of course. It will also do a good job with core functionality, be it video editing or later computer games.

A small trouble is that a lot of multitasking in such a narrow body can cause problems with heat. And MacBook Pro Retina screen has such a problem, since the keyboard gets quite hot during prolonged and heavy multitasking. The question then becomes whether you are one of the few who uses the computer that way, and if so, care about a little heat at your fingertips. A solution here is to use an external keyboard if needed.

Battery life is obviously important for laptops. Apple even provides seven hours battery life for its Retina MacBook, and may even do well if you avoid over exerting your computer significantly. Our battery tests show that it is doing for eight and a half hours if it is standing idle, while it can handle four and a half hours of continuous playback of HD video in 720p.


All in all, we have a 15.4-inch notebook that impresses in many ways. Quality, monitor, keyboard, touch pad, weight and thickness are all points that have to go through our positive list. But there are cons as well and these features brings as mentioned fairly high heat, which this thinner Retina model cannot handle as well.

Another thing that is not so much fun with this computer is the price tag of 18,000 bucks. If you concerned about how much performance you get for your money, you’re not here just on the wrong planet, you are actually on the wrong solar system. As an example, and alternative, we can highlight the thicker and slightly heavier Asus N56VZ, as with similar performance and Full HD display costs about half of what you have to pay for Retina MacBook.

But even if the Retina model is expensive compared to the laptop from a number of other manufacturers, we should not forget that the price is not exorbitant if we look to the regular MacBook Pro without Retina display. In fact, Retina model almost two thousand dollars less expensive than a standard 15-inch MacBook Pro configured with the same specifications – of course minus the screen.

Are you therefore looking for just a 15-inch MacBook Pro with SSD for normal use, we have no objection to recommend people to go for the version with Retina display. But we recommend a general 15-inch laptop; it becomes an entirely different matter. We are talking about performance, other manufacturers offer similar or better models at a much nicer price.

MacMall resells computers manufactured by Apple Inc. and  has been authorized by Apple to buy its products in bulk and sell them at a discount through the MacMall online  store. You can purchase Apple’s products at a discounted price by using Macmall Coupons.



+ Good quality, thin and light for its size

+ Good keyboard and touch pad

+ Quiet at low loads

+ Excellent performance

+ SNAS display with insanely high resolution



– Persistent heavy loading gets the keyboard warm

– Cannot be upgraded

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