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It can be difficult for toddlers to adjust to wearing glasses. After all, they’re used to having 20/20 vision and can be resistant to any changes in their routine. The good news is that with a bit of patience and understanding, you can help your toddler get used to their new glasses. Let’s break down the steps necessary for helping your little one transition into wearing glasses.

Introduce the Idea Slowly and Positively

It’s important to introduce the idea of wearing glasses slowly and positively so that your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed or scared. Talk about how eyeglasses will help them see better without making it sound like a punishment or chore. You could also read books about other children who wear glasses in order to normalize the experience for your toddler.

Make Sure They Have Comfortable Frames

Your toddler should have Children’s Eyeglass Frames that fit comfortably on their face and don’t pinch or pull on their ears or nose when they move around. If the frames are too tight, it will make them uncomfortable, which could lead them to resist wearing them altogether. It is also important to provide durable frames since toddlers are prone to accidental drops and bumps.

Incentivize Wearing the Glasses

It may be helpful to incentivize or reward your toddler for wearing their glasses.  For example, you could offer them extra screen time or a reward of their choice for putting on the glasses and wearing them for an extended period of time. This will make them more likely to put on their glasses without hesitation. This could be something like a sticker or a small special treat each day that they manage to keep the glasses on for an extended amount of time. You could also offer positive reinforcements like praise, hugs, and verbal affirmations.

Model the Behavior Yourself

Your toddler looks up to you, so it’s important that you wear your own glasses whenever they need to wear theirs. This will show them that wearing glasses is nothing to be embarrassed about and can actually make them feel special. Your child may even take pride in matching your eyeglasses style! By wearing your own eyeglasses, you’ll be able to set a positive example and show them that wearing glasses isn’t something to be ashamed or scared of. Make sure to also express enthusiasm when they choose to put on their frames each day as well.

Make it Fun

If all else fails, try to make wearing glasses fun for your toddler. You can decorate their frames with stickers or have them choose the color of their frames. If they’re still resistant, you could also try playing dress-up and having them pretend to be a superhero who wears glasses. By making the process enjoyable, you can help ease your child into wearing their glasses and eventually help them get used to having them on. 

Set a Routine

When it comes to toddlers, routines are essential in helping your little one adjust to new things.  You should try to make wearing glasses a part of their daily routine so that it becomes second nature to them. Make sure to put on the glasses at around the same time each day and don’t take them off until your toddler is in bed for the night. This will help normalize the experience and get them used to having their eyeglasses on. Make sure you set a routine that includes putting on their glasses before meals, playtime and other activities. This will help them get used to wearing the glasses and keep them from resisting when it’s time to put them on. 

Practice Makes Perfect

If your child is having difficulty adjusting to wearing glasses, it’s important that you practice and help them get used to them. You could start by having them wear their glasses for short periods of time, like when they’re playing or eating. As they get more comfortable, slowly increase the amount of time that they spend wearing their frames. You can also put their glasses on in front of a mirror and have them practice different facial expressions to get used to the feeling. Have them wear the glasses while they play with their toys or do other activities so that they become accustomed to how they feel on their face. Eventually, they will learn how to wear the glasses without any resistance.

Prepare for Other People’s Reactions and Comments

Unfortunately, there will be people that make comments or ask questions about your child’s glasses, especially from friends or family who may not be used to seeing your child with glasses on. It is important to prepare your toddler for this so that they can handle any comments confidently. Explain to them that wearing glasses makes them special and remind them of the good things that come with wearing glasses, like being able to see clearly. You should also role-play different scenarios so that they know how to respond if someone asks why they are wearing glasses. This way, your toddler will feel more confident when out in public and won’t be caught off guard by other people’s remarks.

Help Them Get Used To Them Gradually

Start by having your toddler wear their glasses at home while they do activities such as playing with toys or watching TV shows. Once they become comfortable with this routine, you can start taking them outside with their glasses on so that they can get used to being seen in public with them on. This gradual approach gives your child time to adjust without feeling overwhelmed by constantly having the glasses on their face.                                                                                  


Helping your toddler adjust to wearing glasses requires patience and understanding from both you and your little one. Start by introducing the idea slowly while emphasizing how much it will improve their vision rather than making it seem like a chore or punishment. Make sure they have comfortable frames that fit properly since this will help them feel more at ease when wearing them around town or school as well as during physical activities such as sports or during playtime at home. With a bit of patience, you can help make sure that your toddler feels confident and happy when wearing their new eyeglasses.