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Storms can be romantic and fun. But when they do damage, it’s no joke! If you’re in the path of a storm, take all the necessary precautions to protect your home and belongings. You want to make sure that all exterior doors are closed. Be sure to store outdoor furniture inside or cover it with a tarp. Stay away from windows and glass doors to avoid injury from shattered glass and turn off all electronics before the storm arrives to prevent power surges from damaging them later on.

Unfortunately, though, there are times when your home gets damaged by a storm, no matter how careful you are. Homes settle and shift all the time as a result of soil movement, material expansion, and precipitation, and this should not result in major issues with your home. However, big storms can make existing issues into major problems. Sometimes you can wait until spring to do repairs, but if the damage is to your roof tiles or your foundation, you need to get them looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

If you notice visible cracks in the walls or foundation, tiles missing from your roof, or any combination of the issues, then it is important to get in touch with a foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. If nothing else, having a company come out to your home and perform an inspection can give you peace of mind. This is particularly true if there has recently been a natural disaster in the area. If there are any issues present, they can be identified and a course of action can be determined so those issues can be rectified as quickly as possible

The following are some risks you might have if you don’t have your home inspected and fixed directly after a heavy storm.

Cracks, Loose Shingles, and Removal of Protective Coating

Strong winds can cause severe roof damage. It can crack or loosen shingles, which could lead to leaks and other water-related problems. Even if you inspect the roof yourself, you may not notice the loss of protective coatings or cracks in the shingles. If the problem goes unnoticed, it can cause leaks, mold and mildew, and eventual structural damage to the roof.

The same applies to damaged shingles or siding on your home. Not only does it look bad, it also will no longer protect the inner layers of your home’s walls. 

Foundation Damage

One of the most common and telling signs of foundation damage is visual cracks in the home’s exterior. Some other potential signs that you require foundation repair include water leaking in the basement, uneven floors that creak and squeak, bowing basement walls, jagged cracks in your walls (particularly around the door frames), and issues opening or closing doors and windows as a result of shifting frames.

The process of foundation repair will always start with a complete assessment by a professional so that the extent of the issues at your property can be understood. Depending on your home’s condition, the foundation repair contractors will utilize support devices like steel shafts or helical piers to strengthen and level your foundation.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an inspection of your property because you are concerned about potential damage to your home’s foundation, do not hesitate to get in touch with a local foundation repair company and schedule a consultation. The sooner you reach out, the sooner you can rectify any issues that may be present with your foundation.

Structural Damage

Strong storms can cause structural damage to the roof and upper areas of the home. Hail can also cause this type of damage or even knock off gutters, break skylights, tiles or compromise protective coatings and underlying roof structures. The damage can also cause risky leaks and drafts.

You also want to keep in mind that standard insurance policy for homeowners does not usually cover this type of damage, so it is essential to have an additional rider on your plan to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

To prevent this from happening experts like Top Ridge Roofing & Restoration suggest you call in a roofing inspector once a year to check your roofing material, tiles, and structure to prevent damage. These experts have the experience needed to detect roofing damage that may not be immediately apparent.

Water Damage

Every homeowner wants to keep their house in good condition, but it can be difficult if roof structural damage is already present or if your foundation is leaking. Roofing tiles that are compromised can allow water to seep through the roof, even if it is a little rainstorm. It may do more harm than you realize. For example, if the shingles are no longer fully intact and there’s dampness underneath, then the next time it rains, your home could end up with leaks or mold.If there are cracks in your foundation, and you can see water leaking in, this can rapidly cause mold growth and weaken the structure of your home.  It would be best if you always had someone who knows about these things come out and inspect your roof before the weather changes again.

After every major storm in your area, take some time to walk around the exterior of your home, peek in on your roof from the attic, and scour the corners of your basement. Spotting early signs of damage, especially in an older home, is the best way to save money and time spent on major repairs for issues that go unnoticed.


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