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Have you ever wanted to piss off an internet marketer friend (or rival)? Here’s good news for you: I’ve thought of 15 ways to piss off an internet marketer — big time!

1. Send them an e-mail saying their landing pages suck. More evil way: Send a separate e-mail for each landing page!

2. If you have them on instant messenger, offer to review their sales letters and always say “Sorry, write a new one. It’s worse than a report done by a first grader.”

3. Visit their websites and leave comments similar to “When will I ever see something useful?”

4. Search for them using Google and then once you find something interesting (or disturbing even), blog about it and link to their website using an appropriate keyword. Hopefully you’d rank high — if you do, they’d be real pissed.

5. Beg for some internet marketing tips on instant messenger, and then when they give you some, claim that those tips were all rubbish crap.

6. Sign-up for their newsletter using the name “Don’t you dare spam me” or “I only want your free product”. Don’t use your real/main e-mail address!

7. If they own a membership website wherein you can post your own testimonials about the site, write something like “I was very disappointed with the products. I can’t believe I got a dozen boxes of bananas right at my doorstep when I clicked the ‘download e-books’ button!”

8. Fill their forum sales threads with the banana smiley. Just make sure you don’t get banned from the forum!

9. If they do Facebook marketing, tell them they’ve got one less person who’d fall for their lousy marketing tactics — and that’s you!

10. Offer to review their sales letter and say you’ll highlight the things you don’t understand. Send them a copy of their sales letter which has everything highlighted.

11. Ask who’s their favorite internet marketer or entrepreneur. Once they answer, say “You want to know mine? Well, it’s ‘Not-You’.”

12. Disagree with everything that they say about IM.

13. Call them a trying-hard internet marketing newbie.

14. If they sell domains, claim that all the domains they’re selling are yours.

15. Send them a free t-shirt with “I’m an internet marketer and I suck at doing my job.” printed on it.

There you have it. 15 ways to piss of an internet marketer. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  • Atul Khanna, July 29, 2012 @ 6:20 pm


    I dont understand the logic for having such a post written , but i did njoyed reading it..hahaha..specially the 8th one.. banana smileys… hahhaaa

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