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Should You Invest In Social Media & SEO This 2017?

Should you invest in social media and search engine optimization (SEO) in 2017? Let the figures help you decide. According to recent statistics, the number


Facebook Jumps In To Help With Gun Control, Bans On-platform Sales

Facebook has officially banned gun sales on the social network. This is according to an announcement made by the platform’s spokesperson on Friday, January 29.


Role of Work Management Software

Project Management can become a huge task for companies. However, with the new methods of managing work, the advanced project management software is making strides

Liability and "Likes": Teaching Your Employees Safe Social Media Practices
Business Leadership People Strategies

Liability and "Likes": Teaching Your Employees Safe Social Media Practices

According to Hackmageddon, cyber-crime is the leading cause of cyber-attacks. In fact, roughly 30 percent of all attacks target businesses. For this reason, businesses are


Running A Small Business Like A Pro: Affordable Solutions To Make Your Company Noticed

The hardest thing in business is not launching an enterprise, but starting from scratch when it hits the ground. Hard work and business skills are

4 Secrets To Becoming Famous Via Social Media
Marketing SEO

4 Secrets To Becoming Famous Via Social Media

In today’s world of technology, social media reigns. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, most of us use these social media outlets on a daily


Social Media Optimization – How Does It Play A Role In Digital Marketing?

It is a fact universally acknowledged that the world today is much different from what it was decades ago. Nowadays everything is social and is


5 Best On-page SEO Practices

Because of consumers’ fixed dependence on the Internet, on-page search engine optimization (SEO) is now mandatory for all business marketing campaigns to work. Unfortunately, most