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9Apps is an application that helps users gain access to and download multiple apps from all around the globe. It ensures that the apps it displays are of top quality. It is estimated to have almost 250 million monthly users and that around 26 million apps are downloaded from this site every day.

It is owned by the Chinese company, Alibaba Group of Companies. It offers support in as many as 7 languages and supports android enabled gadgets. It is used widely in many countries around the globe.

How is 9Apps better than the rest?

9Apps has to face severe competition from various other sites like The Google Play Store and The Apple Store, which offer similar services and are often pre-installed in gadgets before they are sold. Yet, it is 9Apps apk download 2018 that emerges victorious, due to numerous reasons such as:

One Stop Global Market

9Apps offers many more applications from all over the world, which enable users to get the best of all the applications that are available out there. It also has a very wide range of applications which have been categorized very efficiently into categories, which makes the whole process of searching for and downloading an application extremely simple.

Excellent App recommendation

9Apps uses an extremely complex and efficient algorithm that uses past search histories and downloaded applications to suggest some other apps for the user. These suggested apps are more often than not, extremely suited to the consumer’s taste.

Price comparison

It is possible to check the price of various products on one site because 9Appsapk download 2018 has partnered with numerous online retailers such as Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Paytm and so on. Therefore, a user can compare the various prices of the product, all on one screen and can choose from the best one.


Unlike many of its counterparts, 9Apps also doles out many coupons to its users for them to use while making any purchases in an app. This is definitely a bonus point for many.

Is 9Apps safe?

9Apps is an application that is as safe as it can get. Due to common habits, most consumers tend to not download apps from another site other than the pre-installed Play Stores but, they have nothing to fear as 9Apps takes the safety and privacy of its consumers very seriously. It does not ask for private data and whatever information that it collects from the consumer is highly confidential and is safely guarded. It also puts apps through various tests and it is only after ensuring that they comply with the rules and regulations of the country, are they posted on the site.

To sum it all up, 9Apps is a very useful site that is sort of like a one-stop destination for apps. It is extremely efficient and is user-friendly. It also provides assistance in about 7 languages, making it easy for all those users who are not well versed in English. All these features make 9Apps a better choice than all the other apps available in the market.