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BPM – is a business process management system. Typically, BPM is a system, which is a part of ECM (Enterprise Content Management). In the ECM philosophy, business process – is a data movement. And no matter what happens inside the company – it is accompanied by the creation, modification and transfer of the data within an organization.

BPM Program for Companies

BPM Program For Work Automation

BPM project management is necessary for improving management of all processes in the enterprise. For example, the request comes from the client. An application is a document. After its receipt, the manager creates an order (also a document), and sends it to the responsible person. The responsible person makes a commercial offer, which should be approved by the manager. Having agreed on conditions with the client, he prepares an agreement. Thus, after document editing/creating is done, business processes can be automated. Using system tools and instruments on the site, graphical models of business process will be clear to all users. While reading reviews, learn about the pros of using BPM program:

  • Automation of manual processes;
  • Reducing the impact of the human factor;
  • The staff pays more time to important tasks;
  • BPM program provides a full set of tools, for business processes management in your company, including design, execution, monitoring and analysis of business processes.

Using the pre-defined patterns, BPM program automatically creates documents and tasks upon occurrence of certain conditions. The condition usually is a status change of the previous task or a document. For example, right after the manager approved the document, the system automatically places it into the folder of responsible person and sends back a notification.

Benefits of Using the Program

BPM Program For Work Automation

Often, reference business process models are hard-coded in the system, and any change would require significant business process management software modifications. Thanks to bpm’online you do not have to carry out any additional development of the system functionality, as business processes can be easily changed within a bpm’online platform`s foundation. There is no need for programming in order to implement the required business logic in the system and there is definitely no prior technical education is needed.

The use of BPM program can significantly reduce costs by enabling flexible configuration of the system for keeping up with the constant changes in the company’s business processes. Analyze the status of company`s ongoing projects, employees` involvement in projects and manage the distribution of tasks among your personnel. Set project metrics in the dashboards that you want to keep under control. BPM software will make the work clear and easy.

The effectiveness of products use will help to achieve the goals in less time and with minimal efforts. Since all processes are automated, the result will depend only on the start position. Thanks to the bpm’online system, you can combine many things simultaneously, using all three platforms for marketing, sales and service. Create and manage your business by means of the system’s functionality, which will make efficient outcomes and increase the profitability of all business processes.



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