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Web designs trends have changed significantly over the years. In 2012, these trends are projected to continue as web designers seek various ways to develop websites. Moreover, web designs are becoming more complex as various applications are included in web design. By recognizing these trends, one is able to sharpen his or he skills as a web designer

Hand Drawn Designs
Although hand drawn designs are not new, this trend has undergone fundamental changes. Hand drawn designs are still an integral part of web design. Many web designers are afraid to create their styles since they have a “can’t draw attitude.” It is however imperative to note that one must not have perfect sketching skills. Of importance is that these sketches must pass across a sense of whimsy thus blurring the line between personal interaction and cold web. In this scenario, one should note that he or she can easily sketch web design. This trend is projected to become more elemental. Sketching is important in personalizing web designs in various exciting ways. Moreover, sketching is projected to become an integral part of corporate design

Oversized Headers/Logos
It is important for a web designer to make an impression on visitors to his or her sight. One of the ways through which one may do this is by using oversized headers. These headers may take up an entire screen but with one important message. Visitors to the site will not have to click anything. This is due to the fact that many people have clicking phobia as a result of poor navigation. The individual will scroll up and down the screen easily. Huge headers are important in helping visitors remember the website.

Typography is one of the most complicated trends to tackle. Many web designers do not use typography due to the fact that they are afraid to use new or different fonts. Mixing various fonts thus becomes untenable to them. As a web designer, it is important to remember that fonts are meant to be explored, twisted and molded to fit various purposes. By using the correct placement, one is able to encompass typography as a main design element. This in effect makes the website more attractive as compared to using numerous photos. Typography is expected to continue being an imperative part of web design as people seek various ways to make their websites attractive.

Slab Typefaces.
Although slab typefaces are a relatively new trend in web design, it has been around for more than 200 years. Slab typefaces involve the use of bold letters to pass across certain messages. In this scenario, the web designer uses capital letters which are bold and imposing. In the past, many web designers desisted from using slab typefaces due to the fact that headers and logos were much smaller and understated. Slab typefaces enable a person to express him or herself bravely. In addition to that, visitors to the website take notice of the message being put across.

Huge Images
Huge images are similar to oversized headers and logos. These images create a visual impact that visitors are unlikely to forget. However, it is prudent to note that unlike headers or logos, images are not part of the websites branding. Huge images help attract visitors to one’s site.

One Page Layout
One page layout is yet another trend expected to pick in 2012. In this scenario, web designers will gradually move away from quirky navigation and embrace a minimalist approach. This approach is instrumental in helping people locate work in your blog and other sites among them social networking sites.

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  • Saturnina Hubbard, July 29, 2012 @ 6:24 pm

    Even using of 3D images are in common use nowadays..they look nice and attracts the visitors too..

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