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That age old saying, ‘time is money’, certainly rings true in the business world. Good time management allows you and your employees to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. In turn, this leads to more free time, which allows you to take advantage of learning opportunities leading to greater career success, and potentially, increased revenue,

With this in mind, consider the ways you can save your IT staff time in 2019.

Unified communication platform

In a world where workplaces are so digitally motivated, it’s important employees can communicate with one another at anytime, regardless of location. Unified communications is the integration of communication services such as instant messaging, audio, web and video services, into one, cloud-based platform. The ability to communicate in an instant from anywhere will ensure that tasks are completed much quicker.

Virtual mail management platform

Nowadays, virtual mail providers tend to manage their mail manually through spreadsheets and email. However, there are now other platforms available to help you recruit, sign up and manage virtual mail clients. Your IT staff can simply enter mail data into the cloud-based platforms and this data will be shared immediately with clients. The client can then request further information and any resulting action can be tracked in the platform. Any reconciling and billing is the work of the platform, saving staff heaps of time.

Hosted telephony

A hosted telephone system resides in the cloud, rather than in your office. Employees are able to access the system through a standard IP handset or screen-based virtual phone and headset. Calls can be made and received over a broadband connection and from there, are routed to the public telephone network and mobile devices.

They offer numerous smart business-focused features, with an emphasis on control and administration through the web that relieves the burden from your IT team. Because employees are able to take their calls efficiently, productivity is maximised on both an individual and team basis.

Automated software

Manual tasks can hinder the productivity of your IT staff as they only add to already packed to-do-lists. By implementing automated data governance tools and software into your business, workloads will be reduced, as will the chances of human error. This will hone efficiency within your IT department, as they will have more time to concentrate on other tasks.

Consider the backup strategy of your business, as an example. As advanced as technology is, data is never completely safe from loss and should therefore be backed up to an off-site location in the cloud, where it can be accessed and restored safely, to any device. Opt to utilise a cloud backup as a service within your business and run this automatically. Not only will this ensure that you never skip a backup, it will also save you time from manually backing up.

Go paperless

Not only does going paperless reap many benefits for the environment, but your business can also benefit massively. As well as being quicker, it’s also much easier to search through electronic records for the information you need. Your IT staff will no longer have to sift through file after file, but instead, can use a simple Ctrl F or spotlight search on their PC or Mac.