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Looking to Expand? Make Sure Your Home is Stable First

As a homeowner, you may eventually start to feel the itch to expand. Whether it’s an extra bedroom for a new baby, or finally finishing

Signs Your Foundation Is In Need Of Repair
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Signs Your Foundation Is In Need Of Repair

The foundation of your home is what supports and keeps the rest of the structure standing upright. Your foundation is a slab of brick, treated

Having The Best Architecture For Your Business

Having The Best Architecture For Your Business

If you wish to design a gym on your own, then you need to know that you’re not alone. In fact, designing and creating gym

Mohammad Hamdoun

Mohamed Hamdoun’s Diversity Of Experience In Architecture

Mohamed Hamdoun, born in 1967, is a Lebanese Architect, Businessman and Entrepreneur. He is also a responsible family man and father of three children. Mohamed

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How To Pick A Perfect Artwork To Match Your Home Interior

Are you thinking of putting an artwork to complete your home’s interior? Then, take a look at this checklist. The key to selecting the right

BPM program
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BPM Program For Work Automation

BPM – is a business process management system. Typically, BPM is a system, which is a part of ECM (Enterprise Content Management). In the ECM


The Architecture Of Scottish Cities

The architecture of Scottish cities is impressive and diverse – each an indication of the impressive history the country has had. But how exactly are


Get A Building That Means To Brag Your Dreams As Well As To Live In Your Dreams

Living means not only to dwell in a place but also to enjoy the abode with due satisfaction that make people feel exotic. It’s very


10 Ways To Improve Your House Before Christmas

Whether you’re having guests or an intimate family gathering at home, Christmas should be perfect. The number one trend this year is Hygge, pronounced “Hue-gah”.


Which Is The Most Profitable Part Of Your Home To Renovate?

Your home is almost certainly the most expensive asset you own and it is highly likely that you would like to see that value increase.