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We all want to start the day feeling great, and we have the perfect solution! We’ve got a great morning routine to set you up for the day, from getting hydrated to having a balanced breakfast and waking up the body. So, if you’re feeling like you want to start your mornings in a more positive way, you’re in the right place. No matter whether you’re trying to stay healthy in London or LA, we’ve got you covered.  We’re here to show you how you should start your day, and even if you only start with one of these habits and work up to more, you’ll see a really positive change to how you feel in the morning, and for the whole day after. Let’s get into it and help you to transform your mornings! 

Ensure You Get 8 Hours Sleep

The first thing you can do to make sure you have a great morning routine is to get enough sleep. Our morning routine will take around 2 hours from when you wake up to when you need to leave for work, so based on when you need to be at work, figure out when you need to wake up, then make sure you go to bed 8 hours before that. For example, you need to be leaving for work at 8:30am, you’ll be waking up at 6:30am, so you’ll need to be in bed by 10:30pm. 

Getting enough sleep is essential, as it improves brain performance, your mood, your mental health and also your overall health, with good sleep helping to decrease the chance of you developing serious health conditions. So, make getting a good night’s sleep a priority and it will set you up perfectly for the next day. 

Start With A Glass Of Water

So, when your alarm goes off, give yourself a minute to come around and then drink a glass of water. Starting your day with water is a great way to flush out the stomach, helping to keep your lymphatic system healthy, which is closely linked to our immune systems. It also helps to boost your metabolism and potentially reduce headaches throughout the day if that’s something you suffer with. 

You should continue to drink water throughout the day, between 1.5 and 2.5 litres (increase this if you have heavy work, do exercise or the weather is hot), to continue to see the benefits mentioned above throughout the day. 

Head Out For A Walk/The Gym

Now you’re up, you’ve had your water and you’ve brushed your teeth, it’s time to get the body moving. When you exercise in the morning, it helps to boost your energy throughout the day, focus more and improve your mood. Plus, it helps to wake up the mind and body to set you up for the day! So, what you do is up to you, but either going for a walk in the fresh air or doing some kind of exercise will make a big difference to your day. Walking is a great gentle way to wake up the body, or some people really like doing a gym session first thing! 

Before you go to bed, lay out your matching gym set, then you’ll just need to throw it on without thinking about it and head out of the house! This small thing will make a difference in the morning, plus it puts you in the mindset ready for the morning.

Have A Fibre Filled Breakfast

After you’ve been to the gym or for your walk, it’s time to give your body the fuel it needs for the day ahead! So, you need to have a fibre and nutrient filled breakfast. Firstly on the fibre side, it’s a vital component of your diet anyway, as it helps to regulate the body’s use of sugars, to keep your hunger and blood sugar levels under control. In terms of the morning specifically, rather than eating a really sugary breakfast that will cause your sugars to spike and then fall, fibre is digested slowly, releasing healthy nutrients and plenty of energy throughout the day, rather than just for a short period. When you add a bit of protein too, it will keep you full all morning! 

Fibre can be found in lots of different foods, from fruits and vegetables to nuts, chia seeds, whole grains and so much more. If you’re a savoury person, then start by toasting two pieces of seedy bread, then top with eggs for your protein, then sprinkle some seeds over the top. Have a little pot of blueberries and strawberries on the side and this is a fantastic breakfast. 

If you like sweet foods, then start with a base of porridge, then top with your favourite chopped fruits and nuts, then finish with a drizzle of honey or peanut butter. This is delicious, filling and will set you up perfectly for the day. 

No matter the combination you go for, make sure it’s delicious and to your taste, as that will also put you in a wonderful mood for the whole day ahead! 

Finish You Shower With Cold

Now it’s time for a shower to freshen up before your day begins. Have your shower as normal, then at the end of your shower, turn the temperature right down and then go into the cold water for a minute. Even just a minute in the cold water can really help your body and mind, from improving your immune system to improving circulation, increasing your metabolism, helping with muscle soreness and many other benefits. This is a fantastic way to start your day and get you feeling really energised. 

Pack Your Lunch

You’re all ready for work now, so it’s time to pack your lunch for the day if you’re going into work. It’s so tempting to buy lunch out, and not only is this really expensive, but you also probably aren’t consuming a balanced diet. This isn’t the case for everyone, but if you’re finding that you’re not eating many fruits and vegetables, or healthy meals, then prepping your lunch before you leave is a great idea. When you have a high protein, nutritious lunch ready, it will set you up for the rest of the day. You can always do this the night before depending on how long it takes you to get ready, but as long as it’s done, it’ll have a positive impact. This is a change to your morning routine that will soon become normal but can really transform how you feel by the end of the day, and also at the end of the week.