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One of the most incredible things about artificial Arizona turf is that it does not need a lot of maintenance. You no longer have to worry about mowing your lawn or using fertilizer. You will also not have to incur such a massive water bill.

However, this turf is not entirely maintenance free. Here are a couple of things you can do to keep your lawn looking great and healthy.

Regular cleaning

The level of cleaning you will employ will depend on your situation. For instance, if you have kids, pets and trees around your home, you will have to clean the lawn regularly. If you do not have these factors at play, you will have to clean less. You also have to rinse down your lawn during seasons that are particularly dusty.  During the rainy season, you will let the rain wash it, and you do not need to spray it as often.

Due to these factors, the cleaning of your lawn is unique. So, no schedule can work for all workers.

Weekly artificial lawn maintenance

You need to ensure that you rinse your lawn at least once each week. You will clean more frequently if you have pets or children. Using a hose to spray down the grass fiber will remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated throughout the week. It leaves your lawn looking healthy and well cared.

Monthly artificial lawn maintenance

Each month use a flexible rake, or broom to remove any debris that may have stuck to your lawn. Ensure that you do not use steel bristles that will damage the fake grass. After buying your grass from a Turf Depot, you may want to get a professional to help you properly groom your grass. Professionals will also help restore its former lushness. After, you can follow your regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

How to get rid of pet poop

Artificial turf is perfectly safe for pets and children. So it is likely that your pets will play and poop on it. You do not have to fret. Removing the waste from your lawn is easy. All you have to do is use a poop scooper or a plastic bag. Once the waste is removed, you will hose the grass down, and it will look great. The same goes for urine. However, if you notice that your pet pees or poops in one spot of the grass often, ensure that you hose that area frequently to prevent odor.

When to use soap and warm water

While the turf is relatively resistant to stains, it is likely that sometimes a good hose down will not work. Always begin using warm water and mild soap to clean the areas that are stained. Alternatively, you may mix half part vinegar and half parts water which is an excellent option for bacterial removal.

Sticky substances can be picked up. Stuck chewing gum can get picked up by chilling it with an ice cube which makes it easier to pick it up.



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