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People who do not have enough income to pay for a lawyer may still be entitled to it: it is then accident lawyer, as it was called before. Depending on your financial situation, you pay a small contribution or can even benefit, in some cases, from a free service. For more information, contact the Office.

Do not wait too long to seek the advice of a lawyer. Sometimes a letter or an interview is enough for a lawyer to solve a difficult situation. Waiting only aggravates the problem and can cause delicate situations.

What are the tasks of a lawyer?

Protect individual and common freedoms and thus act as spokespersons for people whose rights are threatened.

Help individuals, businesses and businesses understand the meaning and evaluate the scope of legal texts. The rules are more and more complex and a lawyer, with his experience in jurisprudence, is the right person to advise you, negotiate and reconcile.

Intervene as a professional spokesperson during legal proceedings. Thanks to his training, a lawyer has the objectivity, the serenity, the legal competence and the eloquence necessary to be able to defend you before a judge. The role of the accident lawyer happens to be the best here.

What guarantees does a lawyer offer?

The lawyer is a member of the Bar Association and is subject to the professional and disciplinary rules of the profession. He also has the duty of professional secrecy and can therefore serve you, under any circumstances, as a person of trust. For each file, the lawyer can only work for a client, that is to say his client. There is a personal and direct contract between you – the client – and the lawyer, without intermediaries. No agreement is reached without you being informed.

How to choose a lawyer?

You are free to choose your lawyer, even if you are insured for fees and fees through legal protection insurance. Because of his education and experience, each lawyer can handle different kinds of cases. But he may have specialized or had a preference for a certain type of law or a certain type of business. Not all lawyers have a favorite subject.

It is therefore better to ask him if he has the necessary experience to treat your case or if he wishes to treat it. He can always, if necessary, send you back to a colleague with more experience.

In some cases, a lawyer may be appointed ex officio. This is for example the case for minors. In certain cases defined by law, a judge designates a lawyer, in consultation with the bar, if you have not chosen one yourself.

You can have a better understanding of the whole process and that is when you can come up with the best deals now.