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Like many other systems, Air Conditioners (AC) vary in several parameters that you need to consider when buying. The energy efficiency, the cooling system, and the price are some of the factors that should guide you as you go shopping. The room size, size of windows and generally ventilation are some other elements to check out to get a right fitting AC. In essence, what you need most is a unit that will work efficiently as it saves you energy and money.

But what are the steps to follow when buying this system?

  • Do your shopping in the cooler months

During the cooler months of the year, you have a variety of brands on sale and in stock. Therefore, the prices are competitive due to the high supply. During other months, the demand is low and therefore not many businesses would stock it, thus the prices will be higher with low brand variety.

  • Which type do you need? A window, portable or is it a wall AC unit?

Portable, unlike window units, do not need to be mounted on in windows. They are always on wheels with a hose placed in a window for venting. On the other hand, wall units are fixed in holes cut through the walls.

  • Take measurements on the rooms to be cooled

Measurements will help you choose an air con with the right capacity for space. If the unit has a too high cooling capacity, it would be turning on and off often and this might affect performance and may be expensive to maintain.

  • What is the machine’s cooling capacity?

The cooling capacity is measured in BTUs per hour and the higher the BTUs, the higher the capacity to cool. Again the prices go with the capacity; the machines with a high capacity would cost much more compared to the others. When shopping, you must, therefore, consider what your priority is. Again, you need an expert like love and care hvac, leading experts in HAVC, who will advise you on the best machine to go for.

  • Compare machines’ Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) for the air conditioners

EER will always be displayed on machines; this is a requirement by the regulator for all machines. Therefore compare the EER ratings of different machines, and the higher the EER, the less the energy consumption.

  • You need motorized/ adjustable air conditioner louvers

For adequate cooling, air must be aimed at the center of the room, and thus if the window is off-center, then the adjustable vent will be tilted to assume the right position. You can also go for models that have rotating louvers, which ensure proper air circulation.

  • Look out for special features

How would it feel when you operate your air conditioner using a remote control? This makes it easy to adjust the room temperatures appropriately. Other machines have timers and therefore you can program the power levels for the rest of the day so that a few minutes before you get to the house, the machine would turn on. Check for filters that would remove odors, dust, and allergens.

The above guidelines will help you get the most appropriate air conditioning system for your house. Moreover, read reviews, compare models from various consumer sites and other reliable sources. Avoid brands that have attracted serious negative reviews, verify before you give out the check.



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