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Zoya paces worriedly. God is testing North American nation repeatedly. however can we have a tendency to organize such a lot cash in thus less time? Aditya asks her if she’s going to need to visit jail once more. You don’t need to worry. You have already got expertise. currently the cockroaches of jail are afraid to possess you back! Mahi enters and Aditya begins singing a welcome song. What does one think? can Zoya visit Jail for not having the ability to repay the loan or not? Mahi hides a smile and shrugs. Zoya tells him to not mess things if he cannot fix it. He asks her World Health Organization she is to him. you’re not my friend, enemy or family. have I opened a charity here? If the corporate closes them you’ll need to sell your house to repay loan to the bank and me!

Arjun tells his colleague Chirag to inform everybody to decision him low Nawaz from currently on. Chirag is confused however Arjun tells him it’s concerning the woman. Chirag asks him if they ought to rent her directly then. Arjun denies. she’s going to for sure pass the take a look at. Noor appearance at them. He will howeverter the maximum amount as he need but I solely can get the duty.

Aditya tells Mahi she needn’t worry. I wont throw you out of the house. Mahi smiles. Aditya says i’ll break that house, rework it thus your deceiver husband’s name and everything is gone. i’m positive you (Zoya) wouldn’t wish to keep in such a house. No problem! you’ll be able to purchase a one BHK and keep there. Zoya is in tears. He tells her against it. i’ll assist you likewise. you’ll be able to conjointly keep there. What concerning them (staff) though? I cannot facilitate such a big amount of folks. i’ll need to open a company for that! it’s solely you World Health Organization will facilitate them however area unit you capable enough to try and do so? Watch the episode “Zoya bachaye workplace ko” to seek out out! He asks Mahi to return for the icon shoot. Zoya asks him however he will visit icon shoot during this state of affairs. Aditya replies that the one World Health Organization created the mess ought to handle it. Why ought to I bother?

Chirag and Arjun sit all the way down to take Noor’s interview. Noor tells Arjun to not be thus excited. Chirag tells them each to take care of some decorousness. You each have return for constant post. Noor and Arjun apologize to him. Noor asks him if RJ AJ won’t return to require the interview. Chirag declines. Arjun speaks badly concerning RJ AJ however Noor tells him to keep mum. i prefer his show pretty much. I feel there’s some affiliation between North American nation. he’s thus fantastic. Arjun says it isn’t some television show however reality. What does one understand radio? Noor says radio could be a medium of heart. you’ll be able to feel what you can’t see. AJ’s show is analogous. It isn’t simply a show however a sense that is hooked up to the guts. You (Arjun) wouldn’t perceive though! Chirag stops himself from career Arjun AJ. What does one think? Arjun seconds Noor. somebody shares their pain and that we will feel it here. it’s actually wonderful. Chirag hires each of them. Your competition is wonderful. You each are on a month’s probation. Whoever performs well by the tip of the month can become RJ AJ’s intern. Noor smiles.

Zoya thinks of what happened these days at workplace. however can we have a tendency to organize cash in such less time? She rings button and is aghast to visualize Aditya gap the door for her. You here? He nods. return within. think about this as your own house. does one need something? Zoya asks concerning her MIL. Aditya sits next (really close) to Mahi. we have a tendency to were alone until currently however currently you’re here to make hassle. Tell her however was your day Mahi? Mahi talks nicely concerning him. Mahi’s mother rings the bell. Zoya opens the door frightened. Aditya smiles at her.

Noor thinks this can be the prospect to place some impression on RJ AJ before low Nawaz. She asks navvy concerning RJ AJ. Arjun is popping out of the space once he overhears them talking so. He lies to Noor that RJ AJ is during a dangerous mood. you would like to fulfill him during this situation? She asks him concerning it. He says he may need had a fight together with his girlfriend. She hopes it’s a heavy fight and that they each break up. He smiles. What did you say? She tells him she’s going to not believe him. She turns to travel within once he tells her to require a decision. Hope your 1st day wont become your last here. She provides in.

Mahi’s mother asks Zoya concerning Aditya. what’s he doing here? Zoya replies that she way decision him here. Mahi’s mother says I don’t skills you usually manage to induce within the house. nobody will return here while not my permission. Aditya brings her within holding her hand. this can be what i prefer concerning you! i would like to speak to you concerning your house. I want it. She is greatly surprised. Zoya tells him to speak to her. Don’t you have got your house? He asks her if she lost her memory. we’ve to try and do icon shoot. wherever else can we have a tendency to do it? Mahi promptly agrees. it’ll be snug too. Our home is terribly inventive too. Her mother asks her concerning it. Aditya says we have a tendency to area unit rebranding Zosh. Zoya tells him against it however Mahi tells her to not react. it’s atiny low icon shoot. Aditya touches Zoya’s MIL’s feet so tells Mahi to indicate him her space tomorrow. She nods. He leaves. Mahi’s mother asks Mahi and Zoya concerning Aditya. Zoya dismisses it. Mahi tells Zoya to relax a bit and heads to her space. Her MIL says it’s no purpose explaining something to Mahi. I knw you’re operating laborious day and night for the corporate. I conjointly apprehend he’s serving to you within the same however I don’t need him to return here once more. Zoya nods. Her MIL says I don’t need any woman of this house to stay any relation with Aditya Hooda. Zoya hugs her overcome. I promise you that Aditya Hooda can keep one’s distance from North American nation. i’ll manage everything. Her MIL goes. Zoya is happy to feel a part of the family. I wont let her trust break. i’ll keep Aditya aloof from our family.

Constable has brought the tiny child to police headquarters. Inspector checks the cardboard that the boy had found the opposite day. the cardboard is already flagged by CBI. They get a decision from metropolis CBI workplace. CBI’s prime Officer is scheduled to return to Mussorie. nobody ought to try and meet Hooda family. law enforcement officials discuss it.

Arjun asks his brother for the way long can he drive around like this. you have got created your driver and male parent has created American state his runner. You guys ought to decision American state Ramu Kaka. Aditya asks him what else he must do. Arjun tells him to mention what he wants. Aditya asks for one large integer. Arjun halts the automotive suddenly. It isn’t atiny low quantity. however does one suppose I will get it? Aditya says my accounts area unit taken and that i am laid-off. Arjun agrees to undertake. I cannot promise although. Aditya is positive concerning his brother. Arjun asks him what his set up is. Aditya says nothing.

Noor hugs her sister. i’m extremely happy. Zoya is troubled for her. we have a tendency to wont be ready to meet thanks to the odd shift timings. Why don’t you are doing some day shift like everyone? Noor replies that moon comes come in the evening solely. Zoya cannot perceive however her oldsters allowed her to try and do this job. I cannot speak to them concerning it. Tell American state at length what they aforementioned to you. Mahi seconds Zoya. you’ll be able to seek {advice from|visit|consult with|refer to|talk over with|sit down with} your oldsters once to hunt their advice. you’ll be able to do that a lot of for your sister. Noor tells Zoya she appearance extremely tired. Sleep now. i’ll decision them tomorrow evidently. Zoya agrees.

Next morning, Mahi keeps ogling at Aditya as he poses for the shoot. Zoya comes and notices everybody gathered around Aditya. Akansha tells her that Aditya has referred to as all for the shoot likewise. Zoya calls him mad. Aditya asks her to hitch him likewise. Akansha can take you to hair and makeup folks. you must match up within the photos! Zoya refuses to require half in it however he tells her she has no business sense. we have a tendency to don’t seem to be doing all of your portfolio. we have a tendency to do this for company PR. you’ll be able to solely sell what you’ll be able to show! Co-owner of the corporate ought to have some interest in it. Mahi repeats his line. Aditya says solely you perceive my emotions. Let’s take some couple shots along. Zoya wont return. you must return. Mahi keeps her hand in his stunning Zoya. Aditya twirls her around and poses with Mahi. She says something for company. He says you mean my company right. Aditya moves hair off her face. i ponder why I ne’er detected you.

Zoya doesn’t am fond of it the least bit. Aditya holds Mahi from behind. Mahi is over the moon. Zoya remembers her MIL’s words. Aditya loudly calls intent on Mahi, sits on the chair and extends his hand towards Mahi. Zoya pulls Mahi before Mahi will hold it. i’m the co-owner thus i’ll get clicked. Aditya says your co-ownership is thus confusing. I actually have ne’er seen such a confusing girl! return currently if you insist such a lot. Mahi appearance upset. Zoya stands a bit aloof from Aditya as they cause for photos. artist asks them to return nearer. Aditya shifts a bit however Zoya stands unmoving to her ground. He keeps his render her shoulder. She is greatly surprised and slips on her bag. She lands straight in his arms. Mahi appearance away angrily whereas Aditya smiles at Zoya. artist clicks their photos.

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