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There are many auctions that you might have heard of, but there is a company that is on top and that is – Baghera Wines. This company is the one that has been on top in the market of wine auctions and the reason behind it is the trust that they show. It takes a lot to become number one and if the force is in the right direction and in an apt intensity, it takes lesser time to be on the top. Baghera Wines’ international notoriety is something that nobody can avoid.


Baghera Wines – The Success Story

Baghera Wines was founded in Geneva in the year 2015 by three wine experts who used their skills in the creation of a consulting agency that is simply dedicated to the fine wines. A privileged accompaniment is what the company has to offer to all their exceptional wine collector customers. The company is a specialist in bottle authentications and cellar evaluations and provides the customized services and advice that simply target the aspects of the collections development.

The biggest and the complete sale that was ever organized in Europe were held on 6 December 2015 in Geneva. The reason behind this fine wine auction to be the leader in the Swiss market was the outstanding and unique approach.

Historical Wine Sales

The company is known to organize auctions for fine wine – both online auctions and room sales – wine o’clock.  The company has the ambition to offer an approach to auctioneering that is contemporary, by the introduction of merriment, pleasure, and togetherness at these moments. The company had 12 auctions in the first year 2015 – 2016. In that, chf 10 millions of the wines were sold. Then, the Master Cellar was held on May 22nd, 2016 in which CHF 6.2 million, out of which 1402 Romanee Conti flacons were sold. In the online auctions, 10 sales had already taken place.

The room auctions of the company are designed to be the events that are exceptional and unique. Every bottle that is put to the auction is examined and are estimated with the accuracy. For every auction, the company simply produces a prestigious and inspired catalog – a collector’s showcase. The company became a leading auction house of fine wine on the Swiss market after their first two auctions crowded with success – December 2015 and May 2016.

The Wine o’clock is the one-off, regular, thematic auctions that take place online exclusively. The decreasing of the prices of the lot in a limited time span is the main feature of these online auctions. These auctions offer the unique opportunity to buyers around the world to acquire high-end wines at the best bid. This concept was innovative and full of zest, and that’s why gained tremendous success with the collectors present online worldwide who proposed lots during the first three auctions.

Exclusive Events for Wine Lovers

There are many events organized by the company in past three years and these have turned out to be really famous. The wine lovers from the entire world love to attend these events of fine wine tastings. The events organized by the company are often made complementary with the gourmet meal by the starred chef. The company accompanies the fine wine tasting sessions regularly. These events are often awaited by all the wine lovers across the world.

Baghera Wines are the specialist in the auctions for fine wine and are simply at top of the list. After all the successful events, the company has organized Henri Jayer on June 17th, 2018 at 2 pm in Geneva. Now, this event is going to be great and every wine lover would love to attend the event. It is going to be an exceptional moment for all the wine lovers out there.