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Social Network Sites and Social Video Apps have become interrelated terms and had registered a remarkable growth thereby setting a new trend among its users. User-friendly video apps are gaining more popularity over networking websites which results in huge traffic over its users. After the great influence of image sharing apps among the social network users now the video sharing apps have started hitting with its familiarity waves. When people are enjoying sharing their images to their followers and friends, the video apps gave them the option of recording each and every single moment and share it among the others as a note of expressing their happiness which made the apps to be a big hit.

The reasons for the growth of Social Video Apps

The various features which come along with the video apps make its users to use to it in a more explicit way. With these apps the users find it interesting and easy to record their wonderful life moments through videos. To spice it up they have the option of quick edit with which they can add up music or filters and within minutes they can be able upload and share it. The users also have the choice of view, tag and comment over the video which adds more fun to the video sharing apps.

The influence of video apps over Social networks

The social networks are coming up with new features in using video apps which makes the users to expose themselves in a more efficient way. Facebook gains its new users in a steadier and faster rate due to these video apps which gives them a definite fund raise. Facebook has recently released their static report on how the open graph integration increased the traffic and signups along with more user activity among the video apps. Out of the total facebook referrals 60% is taken off by open graph integration.

According to Flurry a research firm which says the social video apps and its raising popularity would eat up the YouTube’s traffic and also states that since March 2012 there is a tremendous growth in video and photo apps usage which is about 89% compared to that of music apps with 72% and productivity apps with 66%. Average time spent on such video app also increased to a notable raising stat rate of 87 minutes 231 minutes as of March 2012.

These video apps even make a worthwhile consideration among the small business where they find their productive clients and social network users. The social video apps have raised the possibility of social sharing in a more effective way and with a single click. The influence of video apps paves way for the emergence of new video sharing app providers over the market which would be a welcoming aspect on the users’ part.

Social Video Apps by all means sees a tremendous growth within a short time which in turn gained huge web traffic among its users. Kendall Jenner offers their best service in video sharing and do know more on their site and services by visiting