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The Problem with WSUS

As an increasing number of people turn to a WSUS add on, many network administrators are wondering what this program has to offer that is not already included in WSUS. In theory, Windows Server Update Services make a lot of sense. They enable network administrators to control exactly what updates are downloaded and installed to the network. Through WSUS, administrators have the power to review updates before they are installed and to select specific groups of updates to install automatically. In theory, WSUS gives administrators complete control over the Windows updating process.

The problem with WSUS is that it does not always work. Configuration values can corrupt and become defective. The system can have trouble connecting to server resources. When these things happen, the system may simply stop being effective. Updates can be installed to some computers, but not others. Some updates that should have gone through administrator approval may be installed automatically. Others that should be installed automatically may not install at all. Even when WSUS is working perfectly, it may not provide the level of control that some administrators want. This is where a WSUS add on comes in.

Using Solarwinds’ Add Ons

Solarwinds offers two separate add ons designed to help administrators gain greater control over their WSUS. The Free WSUS Diagnostics Tool offers the ability to identify and diagnose problems. This tool tests configuration values and analyzes any defective values. It also tests the system’s connectivity to server resources and diagnoses any connection problems. For administrators who simply want more control over the WSUS system, Solarwinds has created the Patch Manager. This program extends the power of WSUS through the patching of third party applications. With the help of a WSUS add on, you can overcome many of the problems associated with WSUS.

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