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With the fall right around the corner, kids will be running in and out of the house either for soccer practice or bike rides.  Schools are in their full flow that means not just your kids, but neighbors will be coming too. The pressure on your garage door will be more than ever.

Does the crazy squeaky garage door sound makes you pull your hair in anger? It is cheaper to get that sound fixed with a few handy tips rather than going for a costly hair transplantations.  Just follow the article and fix the noise in less than an hour.

Learn How To Avoid Squeaks, Every Time You Use Your Garage Door!

The primary reason your garage door makes that squeaky noise is because of the worn out rollers. Lack of lubrication in the metal parts and joints along with loose hardware also contribute to the noise.

  • Tighten up the loose parts!  Snug up all the nuts using either a deep socket or a ratchet. Be careful and don’t go overboard while tightening the nuts, or you will strip the lag screw holes or pull out the carriage bolt heads through the surface of the door.
  • Replace those worn out rollers! With the changing weather and no maintenance, unsealed bearings tend to wear out. This causes the rollers to wobble when you operate the garage door. If you are planning to get them replaced try nylon rollers. They come with sealed bearings. Also, they are fairly quieter and do not need any sort of lubrication time in and time out.  If you are replacing the rollers on your own just act smart and don’t rush. Carefully take out one roller at a time and replace it with a new roller. NEVER ever try to remove the roller in the bottom bracket. Or the entire hinge of your garage door will come off as they are the one holding the door together.
  • Check the hinges!  Loose hinges are very noisy and cause the door to bind. If you find your door hinge loose or the hinge pin misplaced instead of trying to fit it back in place get a new hinge to replace the older one. It happens when the hinge becomes rusty and worn out.  If you notice any sign of rust or metal fillings, then the hinge is about giving up. Replace it before it becomes an issue.
  • Garage door chains!  The problem that most people face is because of loose chains. If the garage door chain is loose, the door will jerk while opening or closing. This will not only make noise but also exert a lot more pressure on the rollers making them wear out then their lifetime. Always check the chain and once it is bolted tight, apply grease to it for better functioning.
  • Lubrication!  Whenever you are trying to lubricate either hinge, spring or the roller use WD 40. It is a good lubricant when it comes to lubricating garage doors. When lubricating, make sure that the lubricant reaches pivot points and torsion bar bearings. The best way to do it spray while you open and close the door. Lubrication must be done every 6 months for the smooth functioning of your garage door.
  • Hire a professional!  If you think this is too much for you, or you are unable to do it properly. Don’t worry you can always take professional help. They have a 18 points inspection plan for the smooth functioning and long life of your garage door, and it’s vital parts.

Let the only sound be of your kids laughter or chatter when you open your garage door. For more information visit our website.