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Bed bugs are tiny pests that can cause a huge amount of discomfort. Unfortunately they are also very easy to spread. Yu might be surprised to discover that there are many bugs that look similar. This is why it is essential to verify that you are dealing with bed bugs.

The best approach if you have a serious bed bug problem is to call the exterminators. They will have the professional equipment and knowledge to eliminate the bugs and should even guarantee their work.

It is worth noting that bed bugs do bite. In the process a small amount of their saliva will be left under your skin. It is these that causes an allergic reaction in some people and make the bite feel itchy.

In some cases the saliva can even cause an infection. Even if they don’t they will cause discomfort and increase your stress levels.

Here is how to get rid of them:

A Hot Wash

One of the first things you need to do is take your bed sheets and anything else that may have the bugs on. Put them in your washing machine and select the hottest wash you can without damaging the sheets. Ideally the machine should be at 120°.

This is the equivalent of a hot cycle on most machines. Bed bugs cannot survive this temperature. If you follow this with 20-30 minutes in the dryer on high then you can be sure you have killed the bed bugs.

Vacuum Time

Unfortunately this will only kill any bed bugs on your sheets or clothing. This is not where they usually live. Bed bugs hide in the crevices of your bed or couch until nighttime. They then feast on your blood at night before returning to their hiding spots.

You need to use your vacuum cleaner and carefully do the edges of your beds, your mattress and any other place where a bed bug could be hiding. They can live in the tiniest of cracks!

Take your time and be very thorough with this stage. Once you have finished you must empty your vacuum into an outside bin. If possible seal the rubbish into a bag first.

Bed Bug Treatment

If you visit your local store you’ll find several different products to treat bed bugs. It is advisable to get one and bring it back. Following the instructions you should spray everywhere you have just vacuumed.

This should target all the bed bug hiding places.

Get The Experts In

Everything you have done will have reduced the bed bug problem. It may even have solved it altogether! However you should get an expert to come in and check your home for you. You can find a reputable one if you click here.

The expert will assess all the surfaces in your home and do any extra treatment you need. It is often the case that the steps you have taken must be done n conjunction with professional assistance; this is simply the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs and hope that they stay gone.

It is difficult to guarantee they have all been killed so you must remain vigilant!



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