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In today’s digital world, “un-digitizing” anything can seem like a step backward. In the world of marketing, however, utilizing traditional marketing methods in conjunction with digital methods can allow you to really stand out in a crowded marketplace. Here are a few ways to consider getting the word out about your business that don’t involve a single smartphone.

Go to the People

The world’s most successful car salesman gained that title by dumping boxes of business cards on crowds during baseball games. He may have sold a lot of cars, but you know what else? He also used a lot of business cards. Direct marketing allows you to finely tune your sales pitch to those who need it most, instead of trying to broadly reach everyone. A person-to-person connection gives you instant trust equity that will keep your company at top-of-mind, even if the people you pitch to don’t buy immediately.

See a Sign

For all the poorly executed signs that you see every day, there are certainly those that stand out and cause you to take notice. If you can create a sign that stirs interest, whether through content or placement, you’ll have people talking about your brand. Look for custom feather flags for sale, which flutter in the wind to attract attention for passing motorists. Or, go big by purchasing space on a billboard. The right phrasing can get people laughing and driving traffic to your website or store.

Get Physical

It can’t be overstated just how effective person-to-person marketing is. Once you’ve gotten the attention of a person, it’s much harder for them to say “no,” meaning, if you do a good job, they’re more likely to say “yes.” Whether it’s a hands-on demonstration at a fair or a walking billboard on the side of the road, involving people in your marketing is an easy way to increase sales.

Time on the Television

While you probably can’t afford an ad during a nationally televised program, ads during local programming are much less expensive and can still offer exposure to a large audience. A well-made TV ad can add credibility to your business and provide information to help people follow-up later. Just be sure to take the time to create a quality ad, as a poorly made ad can do much more harm than good.

The Personal Touch

Since advertisements are literally everywhere you look, it can be hard to find a way to connect with your customers on a level that brings them in, time after time. Finding ways to create a personal connection with your customers is vital to ensure they not only find you in the midst of the heap of other companies that are similar to you, but also remember you over the long-term so they provide the repeat business that’s so vital to your success.