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Houses and buildings need regular maintenance if you want them to last. This is often straightforward maintenance like cleaning and redecorating, but sometimes big changes are needed, whether for aesthetics or structural reasons. Most people put off replacing windows, thinking it’s too expensive or disruptive. However, dealing with faulty or aging windows will provide savings in the long run. Here are some signs that it might be time for some new windows:

  1. Feeling the chill

If you put your heating on but the house doesn’t heat up as you’d expect, it could be that you’re losing heat through insufficient window protection. You might also be experiencing cold draughts or breezes coming through the windows. This is another sign that your windows aren’t operating as they should anymore. As well as the discomfort, you’ll be losing money on your energy bills.

  1. Condensation and Fogging

Fogged up windows are an annoying consequence of aging windows. If they are constantly foggy, damp on the interior and permanently moist, then it’s a strong indication that the windows are no longer functioning efficiently and replacing them is probably the best plan. Damp should not be ignored as it can seep into walls, causing decay and structural issues if left. Damp is also harmful to health, contributing to problems such as asthma. Wood frames can rot out completely. For Double Glazing Leicester, visit absolutewindowsolutions

  1. Visible signs of damage

When you start to notice things like lining coming adrift from the inside of the PVC or, difficulty opening and closing, then it’s time for a replacement. Other signs of wear and tear include cracks in the glass itself or the frame and these should be taken seriously. Windows work hard against the elements, so fixing or replacing as soon as issues arise is advised before they turn into major problems.

  1. Wood

Traditional or period homes often have wooden frames around their window glass. They are not as tough and durable as PVC equivalents, so need more maintenance. It must be painted and treated which can prove costly. Unless there is a specific heritage protection issue, you should consider switching to uPVC. There are many benefits including improved energy efficiency, low maintenance, and high durability. It is even available in a realistic wood effect.

  1. Always Dirty

Having sparkly, clean windows not only keeps them in good condition from wear and tear but makes your home look great too. However, if you find you’re cleaning them often or having to call in a window cleaner a lot more than you used to, it could time to upgrade to self-cleaning glass. This is the latest in glass technology, using a specially designed coating that reacts with rain to wash away dust and dirt. Whilst the occasional manual clean will still be needed, self-cleaning glass significantly reduces the time spent washing and the cost of that washing.