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A comprehensive guide to what an active adult community would be like- that is, what goes in the community, how it adds values to the life of old folks and helps them live the kind of life they want to live over 55, is what you need to determine whether it is good for you or a loved one. In other words, you could get a little bit double minded when considering an adult facility, but armed with the real facts, you are good to go. With the details which run thus, you can easily figure out whether it is worth giving a shot or not:

An Adult Community

It is a vicinity where for the most part, you would find at least 80 to ninety percents of the inhabitants to be over 55 age wise. For safety and security reasons, it is restricted to persons age below 55. It goes by several designations some of which are active adult communities home, aged restricted home, age restricted community, over 55 home and stuff like that.

A good while ago, a community would be considered as a means of downsizing one’s living- you know, that part, when a folk would want to maintain a low personality. Contemporary community is however the opposite. It could either be an upgrade or a downsize. It is not uncommon these days to find luxury condos in a community. Most of the homes are built with modern kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms to provide the basic necessities for living conveniently. Sport and fitness facilities are provided. Folks who live in a community have access to clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis and recreational sport facilities.

Reasons to Want to Live in an Adult Community


A community is a system that seeks to unify a group of old folks. The objective here is to help them relate with each other in a manner that they can work hand in gloves to achieve their elderly dreams. The rationality behind the recreational sports implemented in the community is not just to help them stay fit, but to also help foster the spirit of oneness.

Sense of belonging

If there be just one reason to want to live in a place like that, it is that sense of belonging that it gives an old person. Living in a community where you have around a good count of people of your age or mature folks with a high degree of reasoning capability gives you that warmly and homely sense. You can identify yourself with others as much as they can you. You will find folks that reason on the same level as you. Hence, you can relate anything with them.


When security is of concern, it is wise to consider an adult community which provides tight security to ensure maximum protection for all the inhabitants. The perimeter of a community is well secured. Motion and sound detected surveillance systems are put in place to spot any unusual or suspicious activities. The facility is also gated and fenced. To further tighten the security, experienced security agents are hired to keep keep watch of the facility 24X7.