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Starting your own business is highly rewarding especially if you can make the startup successful and further expand your business. And in any kind of business, it takes hard work, patience, the right strategies and the effective use of tools to run your business. Success does not come overnight and if you want to have a productive and efficient business startup, you should possess essential tools. This article lists down the top 7 tools that you can use for your successful startup.

Managing and monitoring the inflow and outflow of money in your business is crucial and to do this, you need to have an accounting software program. Among the best for online business startups is from The company offers at online accounting software that is tailored fit to meet the needs and requirements of small business owners. The nice thing about this tool is that all of the accounting transactions and details can be recorded online. From online invoicing, reports and even to file attachments, you can spare yourself from the troubles of dealing with a lot of documents and papers. Xero also offers smart reports and unlimited email support. Pricing starts at $20 per month.

Any business starts with concepts and ideas. But in order to test if this is feasible and profitable, there is a need to create a business plan. Thanks to platforms like, you can now create your own customized business plan to prove and to show that your business idea can succeed. With a solid business plan, you can forecast the flow of your business if ever you decide to push through with it. Enloop offers other features like 3 year financial planning, multi-currency support, interactive PDF creation and a whole lot more. Prices range from $9 per month for the basic plan and $39.95 per month for the Professional plan.

Top 7 Tool You Need To Run Your Successful Startup

To capture a larger market share and to market your brand, you need to come up with effective online marketing strategies. The best way is to have your own website where you can create your own blog and make use of interactive social media sites where you can share your content. Being able to provide quality content can be really useful on your part as it drives traffic to your site and it draws potential customers. If you are in search for writing experts who can do quality and original content for you, is one of the best choices out there. The company specializes in academic writing and other research related projects like dissertation, research paper, coursework, essay, etc. But with their team of talented and skilled writers, they can create any type of written content needed. Prices may range depending on the quality like basic, standard and premium as well as your other requirements and specifications.

The success of your business would also lie on your ability to manage your customers and contacts. This can be quite challenging especially if you are not using any tool. So, to make it easier for you, you can use the platform offered by With this tool, you can access subscriber profiles and it allows you to monitor a person’s engagement, site activity, etc. If you are planning to send e-mail marketing campaigns to targeted clients, this tool helps you to send emails to your target customers at the right time. On top of that, you can also get advanced reporting options that you can easily access anytime and anywhere.

In creating business presentations, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. First, you have to make sure that you create comprehensive, factual, coherent and creative presentation. Unfortunately, many business owners struggle in this area. But thanks to, you no longer have to worry about creating presentations that people will remember. The tool allows you to create powerful presentations to captivate your audience, help you collaborate with coworkers or with other people and the tool enables you to personalize your presentation. As the platform is cloud based, you can access it anytime and anywhere. For the first month, you get to use the service for free then you will be charged $4.92 per month for 2GB cloud storage.

Another great tool that you can use to manage and monitor your contacts with customers, investors, etc. is the tool from The platform enables you to track new deals, add and attach files to projects and contacts, add notes, respond to important emails, review communication, monitor the people in your company, have an efficient address book and profile to name a few.

Your website and the content that you produce online basically reflect your business brand. As such, you should ensure that any online content you create is free from grammatical and spelling error. To help you create flawless content, you can avail the editing and proofreading services offered by The company is known to be one of the leading providers of editing and proofreading services.

There are various factors that can contribute to the success of your business startup. These tools can be highly useful for you to carry out your business in the most efficient and productive way. Coupled with the right strategies, you can run your successful startup.