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If you find it difficult to explain to friends how to play rummy, here is a blog that will surely help you. We have listed out a simple 5 step method you can use to help friends understand rummy better. These steps will help your friend understand the basic rules of rummy and once that is clear, learning any variation won’t be a tough job.

Explain What A Set or Meld Means

You can start teaching your friend rummy by explaining what meld or a set in rummy means. A meld is basically a combination of three cards of the same value but of different signs. For example, if you have 4 of spades, 4 of clubs and 4 of hearts, they can together form a set or a meld. You can make sets or melds not just with number cards but also with face cards. For example, if you have a J of spades, J of Hearts and a J of Clubs, they can together form a set or a meld. If you do not have all the three cards required to make a set or a meld, you may use a joker in that place to complete the set or meld. You may use actual or pulled-out joker for this purpose.

Explain What a Pure Sequence Is

Be it a 13 cards rummy game or any other variation, a pure sequence is of utmost importance.  A pure sequence is a sequence made by using face cards or number cards. You are not allowed to use a joker in pure sequence as it has to be completely natural. However, if there is a pulled-out joker of a value and sign that perfectly fit into the pure sequence, you may use it in the sequence. For example, if your pulled-out joker is a K of spades and you have a sequence of A, K, Q and J, this joker card maybe used there.

Explain What a Real or Artificial Sequence Is

In rummy games, apart from the pure sequence, you also need to create a real or artificial sequence. This is also made in the same manner as the pure sequence. It can be made using face cards as well as number cards. However, the only difference in case of a real sequence is that you are allowed to use a joker to make a proper sequence. If one card is missing in a sequence, you may use a joker in place of that card.

Explain the Role of Jokers

The rummy game experience is never complete without a joker. You need to explain to your friends how a joker plays the role of a bonus point in rummy. You can also explain how there are 3 types of jokers in rummy. The blank cards in a deck are treated as jokers. The joker cards actually present in the deck are used as jokers in rummy. Apart from these, a card is arbitrarily pulled-out from the deck to act as a joker.

Explain About Points and How They Are Calculated in Rummy

Rummy is among the few games in which getting more points means you are losing the game. Your goal in the rummy game is to reduce the points in your hand. Till you prepare the life, which includes the artificial sequence and the pure sequence, yours is considered a full hand. Depending on the variation you are playing, a full hand is considered as 80 or 100 points. Once you have formed the life, your goal is to reduce the points in your hand by replacing face cards and high point cards with low point cards.

Once you explain the above rules to your friend, help him with rummy game free download and tell him to practice the game on Khelplay Rummy till he gets the hang of it.