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Mohamed Hamdoun, born in 1967, is a Lebanese Architect, Businessman and Entrepreneur. He is also a responsible family man and father of three children. Mohamed attended high school at the prestigious National Protestant College in Lebanon before proceeding to study Architecture at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He is the owner and CEO of Archistyle and Design, a firm that deals with providing architectural designs, drawings and consultancy services. They operate between Lebanon and the United States. He is also fluent in both Arabic and English language. He is well travelled and exposed to international standards in architecture and building construction.

In the last few years, Archistyle and Design has begun to assume a leading position in the construction industry in Lebanon as well as attracting international interests from all over the world with their modern and innovative concepts backed up by a policy of efficient service delivery and timely completion of projects.

One of their most remarkable projects in recent times was the design of a new mall. The building was designed to accommodate administrave offices on the top floors while the first floor housed the mall. The first floor also had a warehouse attached with a different entry point. While the mall itself  was designed to take the centre of the premises facing the ever busy city centre, the warehouse was located behind it. The design made provisions for parking spaces, emergency exit points, security posts, rest rooms, ventilation and even a gallery. At the completion of the project, the design was applauded. Firstly, the space management despite the elaborate design was unique. The design also took into consideration the traffic and major roads in the area, as such the positioning of the entry and exit points to flow with the normal traffic routes. What was even more fascinating was that the project was completed in less than ten months while the duration of the construction was originally projected to be about ten to twelve months.

Perhaps it’s important to note that, Mohamed Hamdoun’s architectural skills are not limited to designing malls. He has also been involved in the design and constructing of spectacular edifices for different purposes such as residential buildings, commercial and office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels etc. A satisfied customer once commented “… his designs are impressive, they meet up with modern standards and he is always full of suggestions and alternative options. He doesn’t even charge exorbitant prices and even if he does I’ll gladly accept to pay because architects of his calibre are not easy to come by.”

With Mohamed Hamdoun at the helm of affairs at Archistyle and Design, thanks to his vast wealth of experience in the field of architecture. It is no wonder, his services are being sought home and abroad. Even in the United States of America, he has become known for his mastery of infusing bits of traditional Lebanese art and architecture into his designs. This unique blend of traditional art and modern design has caused a steady growth in his number of clients bringing in new potential customers from across the globe.


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