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In recent times, blogging has changed rapidly. There are a number of blogging trends which are projected to continue becoming popular in 2012. These blogging trends are increasingly focusing on various aspects of social media acquisitions, SEO and focus marketing among others. One of the most popular blogging trends is social media integration. In the last two years, social media has seen exponential growth. Social media includes various networking sites among then Face book, and Twitter among others.

Integrating blogging with social media is bound to boost revenues in a big way. This can be attributed to the fact that social media is bound to reach a lot of people all over the world. Consequently, the individual is assured that this integration strategy is bound to reach a lot of people. Bloggers lagging behind in social media marketing should rethink their strategies so as to increase traffic to their blogs. Social media acquisitions are yet another blogging trend in 2012. A large number of social networking platforms are acquiring other websites so as to extend services and tools. The acquisition of Instagram by Facebook and Posterouis by Twitter is an example of this trend.

These acquisitions are also bound to increase the accessibility of blogs through various aspects. These aspects include mobile blogging niches and allowing bloggers to promote various products and services in these sites. Mobile marketing is yet another trend that bloggers should consider. All over the world, individuals are using smart phones. Blogs that are not optimized in mobile standards are bound to lose heavily. Technologically advanced mobile technology is bound to promote blogging. This can be attributed to the use of various tools e.g. QR coding. It can thus be concluded that bloggers should consider integrating mobile marketing. Advanced payment gate way solutions are yet another factor that bloggers should consider.

An individual running an e commerce business should consider adding a payment tool for online buyers. Adding a payment solution to an e commerce initiative goes a long way in boosting the businesses’ profile. If your website has a payment gateway option, individuals are bound to benefit. Some of these solutions include QR code integration and mobile payment facilities among others. Online video marketing is yet another factor that bloggers should consider. Promoting blogs through online videos is not a new phenomenon.

However, this trend is increasing in popularity. Research shows that more that 150 million Americans accessed video content online in October 2011. It so follows that bloggers are seeking to exploit this opportunity so as to increase traffic to their blogs. It is prudent to note that other online businesses are increasingly turning to video marketing so as to brand business initiatives and generate traffic. Customized email marketing is increasingly becoming popular. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead.

Many marketers and bloggers are adopting various advanced email marketing tools so as to promote blogs and businesses. Integrating social networks and email marketing is bound to get audience online. This can be attributed to the fact that an extended contact list is beneficial in promoting blogs on a large scale. Content marketing is increasingly becoming popular as opposed to business branding.

Many B2B marketers in the country are using content marketing so as to attract traffic thus generating revenues. To this end, there is increased demand for bloggers who can produce quality content. Audiences are no longer interested in duplicated content but niche content. Bearing in mind that blogging is increasingly becoming popular; there is need for bloggers to adopt multiple marketing strategies so as to ensure success.

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