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It is the dawn of a new day in the business world and savvy business owners are seeking to push the productivity envelope. As all business owners know, the more productivity bang you get for your buck, the greater the potential for increased profits. Of course, this trend does not end merely with business owners. It also extends to savvy employees. Any way they can improve their own productivity, this will tend to make them a valuable asset to the company for which they work. The following are some tips that will help business owners and their employees to exceed productivity expectations for 2016.

Business Productivity Tips For 2016 and Beyond

Remote Workers

Since people who do not have to fight traffic can get right to work from the comfort of their own home, work at home opportunities can provide a lot of incentive for workers to work harder and longer hours. From a business standpoint, this means that a lot of these workers can get projects completed faster without a lot of the office politics and distractions that often hinder productivity. Consequently, many business owners and their employees should consider introducing a remote worker program in companies where this sort of work option is compatible with the type of business being performed.

Practice Management Software

In the medical industry, practice management software is actively changing the face of how medical offices operate. In one respect, this type of professional software makes it possible for doctors to have remote access to patient records while in transit between locations or at the hospital. Another positive of practice management software is that it allows office staff to remain organized and on task, helping to orient the workflow to always remain consistent. From automated patient follow-up appointments to easy record retrieval, fewer staff members are needed to meet high rates of productivity around the office on a daily basis.

Worker Incentives

If employers want employees to work harder and produce more, then it only stands to reason that incentives should be put in place to encourage this outcome. Whether this comes in the form of bonuses or access to certain office privileges does not matter. What matters is that employees recognize that their employer values them enough to offer incentives for the work they are willing to do. When an employee feels that their boss truly appreciates them, it is shown that productivity goes up across the board. It is such a well-documented phenomenon, it is a wonder more business owners and managers are not aware of this and how it can improve overall productivity around their company.


Believe it or not, it is much easier for business owners and employees to get motivated after a little exercise. When your blood is pumping, it makes it far easier to feel motivated to work harder than when you are struggling to stay awake. Since so many jobs are sedentary these days, many companies would do well to improve the health and productivity of their employees by encouraging exercise at the beginning of each shift. Since exercise helps to fight off illness by promoting a healthier immune system, this means employees will on average miss less work. This directly transfers to more hours spent being productive at work, rather than being sick at home with the flu. Don’t believe me? See what Google has to say. If they are letting their staff exercise while at work, and still keep their place at the top of world’s biggest corporations, there must be something to it, right?

Healthy Office Competition

There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition around the office. Competition not only improves productivity, but it can also help to get people to work better as a team. Teams that work well together can often obtain a synergy that makes them even more productive as compared to when they work as individuals. Fostering a positive, competitive atmosphere around the office is also good for morale. It helps employees feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.


A company filled with highly productive people is a company that will end up being highly competitive in its industry. Sparking productivity with remote worker programs, incentives, healthy competition and modern technology, like practice management software, are just a few of the ways companies will be raising the bar in 2016. With productivity on the rise, companies stand a better chance of improving not only their own bottom line but in helping to spark a stronger economy as well.



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