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Architecture Building trends revolve 24/7 round the clock, as well as every twinkle of an eye. Sometimes new trending ideas are not ideally very classic, but in most cases, the invent turns out to be killer invents. In the world of architecture building and construction of year 2015, development trends flooded-in massively with regard to technology. And the year 2016 sure to expected to be very buoyant and productive as the previous. In architecture building, huge chunk of the emerging changes and development affects basically the building style, the building structure, and finally, building materials utilized. It’s already 2016, below are some of the tips and trends you’ll love to know.

Integrating Non Biodegradable Materials: A good number of modern building in some western countries are fully developed with top notch non biodegradable materials. The reason is to increase longevity or lifespan of buildings and construction works. Non biodegradable materials are often recommended where big projects are involved, projects like the construction of high rise homes etc.

Economy Energy Constructions: Taking advantage of modern technology and the advancement in virtually all sectors. You’ll come to realise the massive benefits that lies in super lighting your new construction. The incorporation of various energy sources to work independently in a new architectural building project. In order to ensure ease, safety, durability and low cost spending on energy; solar energy sources, wind power energy as well as well as the use of electronic inverter is welcome. Allowing them to operate interchangeably independently would indefinitely assist excess emission.

Automated Water System: Rather than relying on local county supply system for regulated water flow to your building. Propagating your resources to produce a good water flow system is achievable. Water borne holes are dug at a select area of your building surrounding, from thence, pipes can run from there to top subjected tanks where the water extracted shall be dispensed and prepared for treatment. (this process is mostly done by professionals). After treatment, the same water would be distributed to dispersedly located water tankers all surrounding the building. 

Underground Drainage: Before now, this system has been fully functional in most countries in the western world. The use of incognito drainage systems. Mostly for the disposal of unwanted or bad water, soakaway contents, rainy water etc.mostly, this system is ran underground before the commencement of the building, mostly round the building and far fetched from the construction’s foundation. Then finally made to connect with the local county disposal system through it huge elongated underground vessel.