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Have you been finding difficulties buying a reliable Japanese used car in Tanzania? Have you tried to search one on your own, but couldn’t succeed last time? Don’t worry you aren’t alone.

The unparalleled advantages of buying a Japanese used vehicle has made it the top choice for any prospective car owner. Not only these vehicles provide their owner’s high reliability on the roads, they are equally good while comparing them with any brand new vehicle.

However buying one could be a daunting experience at times, especially if you aren’t connected with established Japanese used car dealers in Tanzania online, which allow you from choosing hundreds of cars without any hassles.

So, why not simply buy your desirable vehicle from a car dealer online, following just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Order

You simply need to search for a vehicle you would like to purchase on your car dealer’s website. Generally, car dealers provide their customers with the facility to search by make, price, type, and categories, assisting customers to precise search for the most suitable option for themselves.

Once you decided which vehicle to buy, just fill in the inquiry form available at the website and click submit. After the car dealer receives your inquiry they will immediately respond you back. If you approve the price of the vehicle they’ll further send you an invoice and a purchase agreement so you can order the vehicle conveniently.

Step 2: Payment

Just as you make the order you will need to make the exact payment through your bank with a telegraphic banking transfer. Your car dealer will provide you all their banking details in Japan beforehand, so it will be easy for you to go through the payment procedure.

When you get done with the payment just send a copy to your car dealer as a proof of payment so that they can easily track it and confirm it to you once it’s received by them.

Step 3: Shipment

After the payment has been received at your car trader, they will immediately send you the shipping schedule for your car. They will make sure to ship your car in the first available vessel to Tanzania.

Once the vehicle leaves the port in Japan, they will send you all original documents along with the Bill of lading, sales invoice, and others. So you can proceed with the clearing process at the Tanzanian port.

Step 4: Clearance and Delivery

You would just need to take the assistance of a local clearing agent to get your vehicle out from the port. Your clearing agent will help you assist in knowing the taxes and duties you need to pay for getting your car out from the port. Therefore, it’s wise to connect with one at an earlier stage so they’ll update you will the little formalities you need to get your vehicle out from the port.

Just as your vehicle gets cleared, you are all ready to drive it away to your home.

There you go. Buying a second-hand vehicle directly from Japan is pretty easy. You just need to get connected with a reliable car dealer who’s in the business for a while and providing reliable services to their customers in the Tanzanian region.