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Reason Behind Varying Value in Construction Leads:

The lead person who handles the sales serves with varying and flexible utility for any company. For instance, If the lead is knowledgeable (s)he will contact the right person with the right product at the right time. Whereas, if the lead is not experienced and fair at his work, (S)he might miss out some global opportunities in contacting with the right person, or won’t be having an idea about whom to approach, or might take weeks or even months to approach the right person. This way the less knowledgeable sales lead wasted a lot of time and did not help in increasing the value for the company for which (s)was hired.

Factors Influencing the Lead Value for the Construction

The sales lead value depend on many factors. Primarily, the external aspects of the industry of the target company and its role in the market. For instance, A radiography system manufacturer will evolve high revenue from converted lead than the one manufacturing bulbs. Secondary, The lead quality also plays an important rule. If the sales manager knows the complete detail about the product and all the information related to it, it becomes easy to outcast it into the public. For instance, if the manufacturer of the watch company knows that the watch they are making has some flaw in it, they will advertise it in a way that that flaw gets hidden. For that, they have to research the perfect information about the product on various search engines to get the best results.

4 Key Factors that Determine the Constructions Lead Value

Considering an example of an office building that has been newly constructed, the article will try to explain four key factors to make good sales lead value for the customers.

Type of building: Having the proper knowledge about the type of the building that the project is going to create plays an important role. The interiors and the materials used for making the building vary considerably from making a hospital to a shopping complex.

Location: The location of the building gives a great clue about the category of the building and the materials that will be used to make it. Climate, local laws, cultural practices and the probability of getting hit by a natural calamity plays an important role in framing the blueprints of the design of the building.

Target person: One of the very important and crucial thing regarding the sales lead is the target person. Contacting with the wrong person can make you pay for wasting a lot of time on him/her. Many companies help in providing the accurate list about the companies involved in the construction process and gives the details about them.

Quality: To Evaluate the opportunities that come with sales, the salesperson should have an exact idea about the amount of the products they can sell in the market. For instance, let us consider an elevator company. The detailed information helps the customer to answer the questionnaire that includes questions like:

  • The size of the building, the area allotted for ground or basement. How many elevators can be built with the area allotted for the ground floor.
  • Number of stories and the height of the building.
  • Which type of elevator will be needed like, freight elevator or a passenger elevator?