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Architectural trends have a big role to play in the designing and construction work. Clients particularly ask for an exclusive design, also their selection will be based on many influential factors like the features they need in their house, the things they like about their friend’s house and the houses in the magazine that caught their attention. The like all of them and often none of them.

Our modernisation have impacted the housing designs and induced more innovations in the work of architects and we have enlisted three trendsetting innovation in the world of design and residential architecture.

1. Open Plan Space Goes Mainstream

Connectivity and interaction are the two features that open-plan spaces are entirely based on the It is interesting to see that people have a desire to remain connected with their family and social circles. The living room is called so as it is the place where all the communal activities can take place. In the main rooms you can have many different things going on at the same time. The open spaces gives the element of being a welcoming destination and a more friendly environment. Today, you can see people returning to the old norms of entertaining their guests home and avoid the rush and limited time they can spend somewhere else. Board games and movie nights have become common and appear more attractive than a dinner at a highly sophisticated restaurant. Parent who are nurturing their children gain an advantage by doing as much required.

2. Multiple Master Suite

Problem is real estate prices in most of the cities are rising constantly and the salaries  are not. increasingly a large number of young families are finding it extremely hard to live and afford a home of their own. Also, the retirees are unable to get into the likes of owning a home. This has resulted in multi-generation homes which houses more than one generations of the family. Also, this design is popular among friends who share the financial burden for buying a house. Under this design, there are two or more master suites and gives the adult member a private place under the same roof.

3.Freestanding Baths

Bathroom designs have been for a long time associated with the choice of tiles and  hardly anyone thought of changing the the interior in there. the scenario has now changed and bath is becoming the point of focus of the space inside the bathroom. People want their bathrooms to be quiet , relaxing and away from the hustle of their routine life. baths are now turning to be a matter of innovative designs and getting sculptural. They give a look of art installations and look less like tubs for bathing. The square stones tubs are favourite among most people.