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Modern home design is characterised by simplicity. However, this does not imply that the home will look boring. Most modern designs have a neutral colour scheme, attractive geometric shapes and clean lines. These basic qualities make modern home décor stylish, inviting and cosy, as you would expect in any recently constructed home. To create an elegant modern home design, you need to incorporate certain design ideas. Here are six important design concepts you can use to create the look and feel of a modern home.

Use an Open Concept

Modern décor usually provides a spacious internal environment. This may, however, be a bit difficult in certain circumstances where the home is a very small apartment, or where the home was originally designed with several closed rooms rather than an open concept. In such cases, you can still apply the open house concept by choosing the colour of your fabrics and furniture carefully. You may also place mirrors in strategic locations to create an illusion of a larger, wider or longer space. To further enhance the open feel within the home, use light coloured window coverings. These coverings will reflect light and improve the flow of air in the home.

Incorporate Technology

All modern home ideas must take cognisance of the type of gadgets that will be used in the home. This will allow all electronic devices and electrical appliances to function within a well defined space. It is also important to streamline the position of family electronics. For instance, to keep clean lines, flat panel television sets with built-in DVD players should be installed in a space that has been specially created for it. Small flat screen televisions may be added to other parts of the home like your kitchen and patio. Also, to maintain clean lines you should make special tables for home computers so they can fit perfectly into the interior design of the home.

Remodel Parts of the Home

Apart from improving the overall appearance of the home, remodelling important parts of the house like the kitchen and bathrooms, can increase the overall value of the home significantly. Beginning with a well-written plan, which includes a written purpose and scope of the remodelling project, the budget, and a sketch of what the floor and final design will be, you should carefully prepare for the rebuilding of any section of your home. However, for an elaborate remodelling project, you should consult a reputable home builder.

A home builder will help you to evaluate the work required on the foundation, flooring, walls, drywall, siding, windows, and roofing. Before you begin, you should also find out what your local community regulations say about remodelling projects and obtain necessary permits before you start. Discuss how you will make use of the materials you remove from the original structure. Items like wood, windows, and doors can be recycled or reused while others should be disposed in compliance with relevant environmental protection laws. In addition, you should endeavour to use green materials such as bamboo when you are remodelling your home to make it more eco-friendly.

Add Personality

A modern home design should portray the character or personality of the owner or designer. There are various ways to accomplish this including: the use of special accent colours, special furniture designs, decorations, artwork, unique lighting fixtures, and lighting effects. In fact, splashing colour on a neutral palette could add a distinct effect to a room. The number of options you have with colour are almost limitless when you want to add personality to your living space.

Keep the Design Simple and Uncluttered

It is very important to incorporate simplicity into every aspect of a modern home design. However, keeping it simple does not mean that rooms should have no furniture or be scanty. You should, nonetheless, strive to keep the design a simple as possible and avoid clutter so that the open concept will be effective. Clutter makes you less productive at home and it creates so many visual distractions for the eyes. This could raise your stress levels. Maintaining simplicity will also help you to enjoy better health. To eliminate clutter, adequate space must be made for storage. These storage spaces should be placed in convenient places where they can suit the natural life style of the occupants. For instance, the fixtures for hanging jackets and coats should be close to the door, and place for storing DVD’s should be very close to the television set.

Design Functional Spaces

All the rooms in a modern design should be functional while retaining the clean lines and minimal accessories. Each room you walk into should offer easy access to all the items you need to use in them. This is particularly true about kitchens and bathrooms which have fixtures that enhance their functionality. In the kitchen, cabinets should be within reach and be easy to open and close. Overall, the kitchen should have adequate work room while appliances should be close enough to the cook without obstructing the free flow of work.

Maintain Balance

To maintain balance, you need to ensure that there is an equal amount of visual weight within each space. In traditionally designed rooms, balance was created by making one side of the room a replica of the other. This is known as symmetrical balance. However, in modern designs, asymmetrical balance is quite common. Here balance is created by adding objects that are not similar but have the same eye attraction or the same visual weight. Although asymmetrical balance is more difficult to create, it is more casual, lively and visually appealing. Some more experienced designers also employ radial symmetry. Here balance is achieved by creating a central point of focus and then arranging all other design elements around it.

Those are simple ideas for a modern home design. Creating a modern design can be quite easy when you apply the ideas discussed here. Whether you work with a professional designer and home builder or you adopt a do-it-yourself approach to create your design, you can still design an attractive and elegant home with these ideas.