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Traveling is something that everybody does. Journeys are always memorable and captivating. Whether it is childhood, youth or old age, travelling takes place throughout the life. In India, the chief mode of travelling is Railways. People travel by train and make their journeys memorable. Whether it is from home to office and office to home; or it is a long weekend; trains link up the different parts of India beautifully.

From length to breadth, railways keep the entire country together.  There are many people who especially prefer to travel by train. They always keep the details of train enquiry with them so as to stay informed about everything that is happening in the railway network. With more than eighteen million daily passengers, one point four million employees and seventeen thousand trains operating on sixty-four thousand kilometres of track, there is so much of diversity, variety and extensiveness. Apart from being third largest railway network in the world, Indian Railways encompasses the biggest rail network in Asia and the second largest railway network under single management in the world.

It might leave your jaws dropped that Indian Railways runs around eleventh thousand trains every single day. Out of these trains, around seven thousand trains are passenger trains. It is one of the largest organisations in the world, and of course, invented as the Eventful Organisation in The Rail Industry.

The Biggest Employer in the World

Indian railways employ more than over 1.307 million people. Of course, it is the biggest employer in the world. If you have always travelled by train, you can relate to the extensive number of railway employees that work with this splendid network.

There Are 4 International Trains :

Indeed, Indian railways is beyond boundaries. It has four international trains and these are:

  • Friendly SAMJHAUTA Express from India to Pakistan.
  • THAR Express from Munbao (Rajasthan) to Khokrapar (Sindh, Pakistan).
  • The SOUTH ASIAN Express from Islamabad, Pakistan  to New Delhi in India
  • The MAITRI Express from Dhaka to Kolkata.

So, the international commute is not limited to planes alone, there are trains too!

5 Gates

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh is the only station having five entrance gates with booking counters.  This station remains crowded all the time. Perhaps that is the reason that Indian government had to construct 5 entrance gates to compensate the crowd.

Last Stations

Have you ever wondered about the stations that are on the ends of directions in India? Have a look below:

  • Northernmost railway station is known as Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Talking about westernmost, it is Naliya near Bhuj in Gujarat.
  • The Southernmost railway station is Kanyakumari,
  • Similarly, the last station on East of India is Ledo on branch line from Tinsukia

Congratulations! You know the boundaries of railways now!

Station Names

The name of the longest railway station is Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvariapeta  from Andhra Pradesh.  Talking about the shortest name, it is IB from Orissa. Did you know this before? Come on, when you travel extensively by train, this information should be known to you.

Conclusion : 

So, just pack your backs for your next destination and don’t forget to travel by train!