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A profitable way to gain the most from your SEO investment is to have an assurance your money is going in the right hands. There are some SEO Auckland agencies who might be playing their cards in the wrong way hence spoiling your website ranking. No one wants to play in the hands of such scamming SEO agencies who hurts your traffic to make thing worse.

Kiwi Website Design, a website design and SEO Auckland based agency has shortlisted five reassuring ways to know when you are in good hands. This means you can sit back and focus on your work while your SEO agency makes the most of your website traffic.

Active Communication

A good sign you have put your trust in the right SEO agency is that they report to you on a weekly or monthly basis. A good communication is a key to result oriented outcomes both short term and in the long run. It means they are doing things the right way and there is nothing they want to hide from you. No SEO Auckland company has a magic wand to do wonders for your website traffic or increase your revenue overnight. But if your SEO company is making a regular contact with you giving by sending reports and emails as to how they are doing progress, it’s a sign you are in good hands.

Timely Deliverables

A good SEO Auckland company such as Kiwi Website Design Auckland will give you deliverables on a timely manner that sounds reassuring. Some of the deliverables may be in the form of updated content or making changes to the existing content to optimise the site. Additionally, they can be in the form of a weekly or monthly audit report to show what they have done and how the website has progressed in ranking.

Suggest Actions

Another sign of a good SEO company is that they suggest improvements to your website ranking. They will reach out to you to take a desirable action or ask for information that shall help in the ranking process. It is important to realize that SEO is not a one-way process, the more information you share with them the better. For No SEO work can yield positive results unless you play your part in it.

Some suggestions that are often heard from good SEO Auckland companies are as followed:

  • Setting up Social Media Channels and linking them to your website
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Start a Blog
  • Share Blog posts on different social media channels
  • Optimize website images and speed
  • Creating a sitemap
  • Internal and external linking
  • Add plugins to your website to help in SEO

Improved Ranking

A good SEO Auckland company will show you improved results in website ranking for different targeted keywords. They might report the results to you after a month or fortnightly depending on the competition. If the ranking improves with time you know you have hired the right people for your website ranking. But ranking is not a one time job, it has to be kept consistent and which requires constant optimization on different levels. If your website is consistent for ranking high on all targeted keywords, be happy about it and appreciate their hard work.

Improved Revenue

In some cases, the traffic may not be high but the revenue goes up, this is because the traffic is limited to the most focused users who actually do things or buy stuff online. It means your traffic is charged with the right audience and delivering the desired result i.e. making sales.

Kiwi Web Design & SEO Auckland is an established website development, e-commerce and SEO company with hundreds of clients throughout New Zealand. It is our mission to provide you with the best possible solutions that will meet the needs of your business.