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Are you thinking of putting an artwork to complete your home’s interior? Then, take a look at this checklist.

The key to selecting the right artwork is knowing exactly what you want for your home. Avoid overthinking things. Just assess the overall interior design of your house and start looking for one that will fit right in it. If you want to do things the right way, follow the steps below.

Start the Hunt

Visit your favorite art boutiques, vintage stores, and local markets. Find out what is available and narrow down your choices to those that matches your taste. You don’t want to display art you don’t like at home as you’ll be living with it. If you opt to purchase things online, then you can go to online art shops. If you personally know an painter, then you ask him to customize one for you.

Evaluate the Artwork’s Content

When choosing a painting or any artwork, make sure that you understand its content. What does it depict? Does it fit the overall theme you’ve established in the room? You don’t want to be asked by visitors about the meaning of the artwork and come up with nothing. Also, you might want to avoid unintentionally displaying an art piece with scandalous content.

Determine the Proper Fit

When deciding which art to bring home, take note of the size of the frame. Bigger artworks are good for areas that have enough “breathing space” as they will not have to be stacked up next to other household trinkets. On the other hand, smaller artworks can blend in well when with other objects in the room like vases and table tops. Choose these when you only have a small room.

Match the Artwork with the Room’s Palette

How do you pick the right artwork that matches with your room’s palette? First, look out for the boldest but least used colors in the room. These can be color of plants you have placed inside, the color of the wall’s linings, the curtains, etc. You can then use these colors as the leading palette for your artwork. If you are having trouble finding the right color match, then you can have a portrait painted to your desired hues instead. Never pick an artwork with almost the same palette as your wall’s paint.

Create Good Lighting

Light, if chosen properly, can complement the artwork. With the right choice of lighting, you can add elegance to the room, making visitors feel as if they have just landed themselves in a gallery. Architectural Digest spills tips on how to create a good aura around your art pieces.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right artwork can be daunting. There are a lot of things that can go wrong–  a chosen artwork may be too big or too small, your spouse may not like the one you’ve chosen, etc. Nevertheless, getting one can be rewarding. With an artwork displayed at home, you’ll increase its value.


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