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Have you recently installed a beautiful metal roof? No doubt, metal roofs are extremely durable. Low maintenance is one the selling points of quality metal roofing services compared to other materials. But it’s not indestructible, as on longer exposure to various elements, it can age and weather.  Good news is maintaining a metal roof is not a rocket science. In fact, in some cases, it just requires a common sense and little careful attention to safety. Safety is the top priority for any metal roof owner.

Maintenance for your metal roof? There are many things you can easily do to maintain the durability and performance of a metal to keep it in a tip-top shape.

Metal Roofing: Maintenance Tips To Make It Last Lifetime


It’s is very important to keep foot traffic on the metal roof to a minimum.  An experienced individual walking on the roof system can step at the wrong point and this can result in damage or dent on an unsupported section of roof. However, professional roofers are experienced and they were to step on,  resisting to weight on the thin roof surface. Walking on the metal roofs can be dangerous as the metal gets slick under dry conditions. When the roof is snow-covered, icy or wet, walking on the roof surface can be followed by a trip to a hospital.  So it’s better to stay off it, if possible.


You should clean out the gutters at least twice every year.  Are you thinking what do the gutters have to with the roofing system?  Well, metal roofs excel at seeds, shedding tree leaves and pods, and if the gutters don’t drain, these elements can back up. If you have many trees around your home,  consider inspecting and clean out the gutter at least once in the year.


The metal roofing system is designed for shedding water, then dry out properly. But, built -up debris after spring or fall can stop water flow to drain into the gutters, this can lead to corrosion and damage your roofing system.


It’s best to attend repairs early as you notice any kinds of damaged sections of the metal roof. The more you delay, the more extensive it can become. Also, it an end up being more expensive. Therefore, it can help you if you get it repaired as you take note of any kind of damage. Replace or tighten any loose screw, holes, etc especially around the ventilation or chimney stack.  You should inspect the metal roof periodically, as this helps you identify the issues in right time.


When a metal roof is taken care of and regularly inspected, it can last for the lifetime or at least 40 to 50 years. There are many commercial or residential properties that have the metal roofing system that is more than 80 years old.