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Staging your home is an important part of the selling process. You want prospective sellers to be able to picture themselves living at your current address. A big part of this is making sure that how your home looks, and especially the furniture in it, are comfortable, beautiful, and highlight the best features of your home. As thus, you’ll want to consider some guidance when it comes to incorporating couches into your home to prepare for the staging process. Follow these tips to learn how to get started.

Put Couches in Appropriate Places

Right now, you might use the spare bedroom as a den or a gaming room. However, prospective buyers might want to see how that space can look as a bedroom. Think about your target audience and how many bedrooms they are likely looking for in a home. Instead of leaving the couches in there, move these pieces of furniture out into the living room or actual den. Then, interested parties can see your home in a more traditional fashion. 

If you do have couches that pull out into beds, these can be tastefully placed in spare rooms to show what they would look like as a reading room or guest bedroom. The most important thing is for the rooms to look cohesive and not like you are just storing furniture there with no purpose at all.

Select the Right Size

While you want potential purchasers to envision themselves relaxing at home, you don’t want the rooms to look cluttered. Picking couches of the correct size for the space is important. Sectionals can work in a large living room, but you might want to choose a recliner for a tiny den. You should also keep in mind that small pieces can actually make a large room look smaller or too bare. 

If you don’t have the right size furniture for a room, work with a staging company to bring in couches that will look appropriate for the rooms you want to dress up. Take out your own couches if they do not fit the look you are going for. Rearranging the furniture in this way means that you may need to look into temporary storage options for some of the pieces you own.

Use a Neutral Style

Most real estate agents and home staging experts will tell you to keep your home decor neutral when you are trying to sell your house. This applies to furniture, particularly couches, as well. If you have couches that are a bit more colorful or unique, use a neutral toned throw to calm the color done a little bit. You can also put up other tame decorations that help to tone down any intense colors your couch has. If you are renting a couch from a staging company, find one that is a neutral style and color but that will match well with your carpet and walls. The idea is to make your couch and other furniture blend in well with the surroundings to make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine their own furniture in that room.

Clean the Couches

Ultimately, the people who buy your home are not purchasing the couches, unless you are including certain pieces of furniture in the sale for some reason. Still, though, you want the pictures of your home to be appealing, so you’ll want to tidy up the couches. Make sure that the couches do not have any visible pet hair or stains on them. You may need to purchase slipcovers or creatively arrange the pillows to hide any flaws. 

For serious stains, call in professionals to clean your furniture. It is likely that as people come to tour your home they will want to sit down to get a better sense of the space and imagine themselves living in it. Close looks at stains and dirt can deter them and give them a tainted view of your home. If you use furniture from a staging company you will not have to worry about cleaning your furniture or trying to make it look more appealing.

Be Financially Sensible

Remember that one of the ultimate goals here is to sell the house so that you can make some money. If you’re spending all of your funds on extra couches to stage the house, you might not make as much money as you had hoped for. Make it a priority to use the couches that you already have as opposed to purchasing new ones. Rearranging the couches, putting some furniture in storage and cleaning up the pieces are all possibilities here. You may already be planning on purchasing new couches for your future home. If this is the case, do cover them for any home tours or open houses to protect them from dirt and spills. Your new couches will class up the space, but you don’t want them to be damaged before you even have a chance to really use them. 

Staging your home means that you’ll need to make some changes. When it comes time to deal with the couches and even other large pieces of furniture, make sure to follow some guidance so that you can attract the right buyers to your home. Consider working with furniture dealers, professional cleaning companies, or home staging professionals, depending on your circumstances, to decide what course of action is best for you to get your home sold in a timely manner.