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People’s fashion taste is something that changes every season throughout the year. The internet is one of the biggest influences on this. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are all great for finding new styles that will suit your needs. Celebrities are the people that have the biggest impact on the fashion industry through social media. 

Many fashion trends have been and gone. Some of them return several decades later. This article will discuss how streetwear has impacted the fashion industry. As well as how it has been going on for so long.

Streetwear and The Impact On Social Media 

When streetwear originally became popular, it was associated with the hip-hop community as well as with teenagers. Streetwear originally started in the United States of America before spreading across the rest of the world. Its impact on the western world was a massive influence on the fashion industry with what it is now. 

This style is in many countries around the world where it is all you will see. China and Japan have recently been a massive influence on the streetwear community and fashion designers. Not to mention that their style is much different to those that originally started the trend. Streetwear is becoming a lot more premium than what it originally was as well. Gucci and Louis Vuitton are just some of the brands that have got involved with streetwear. 

Google’s definition of streetwear massively undervalues the style that is all over the world. Once upon a time, it was truthful. Now, it has changed massively and the definition is outdated. The definition is: “Casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures”.

Back in the 80s and 90s, streetwear was a heavily male-dominated style. This includes those that made streetwear as well as those that wore this wonderful style. In the 21st century, it is much different. It is a trend that both males and females wear out on the streets of New York, London, Tokyo and many more famous cities. 

Streetwear originally began with a man called Shawn Stussy, the creator of the streetwear brand, Stussy. He started it by scribbling on surfboards which became very popular with surfers. Furthermore, he decided to carry this style out on clothes which continued to be a massive success. 

It wasn’t just surfers that streetwear became highly popular with. It was also something that was embraced by hip-hop rappers in the 80s/90s. The punk rock scene adopted this style in America as well. There was something about printed t-shirts and hoodies that the Americans adored. 

ACDC, Pink Floyd and Nirvana are just a select few that started releasing their branding of clothes. This is a style that you will still see today on the streets and within the streetwear community. 

Celebrities That Wear Streetwear 

As mentioned earlier, celebrities have a massive impact on the fashion world. Additionally, they also have an impact on the streetwear community. A-list celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and Kanye West are just a few examples of people who show off their streetwear styles. 

Supreme is one of the biggest brands in the world of streetwear. Supreme has always been a popular brand since its first original releases. However, it attracted even more people to their brand when they collaborated with Louis Vuitton. 

Buying and Selling Streetwear

Many people love to have a side income. It can be quite risky relying on just one job. One good side income could be buying and selling clothes. If you know your streetwear brands then this could be one for you.

It is easy to find streetwear clothing with the number of vintage stores that are in large cities. These are extremely popular in the United Kingdom. If this is something that you would like to do then research the numerous ways you can become a fashion expert to help you buy the right clothes.

Streetwear can benefit investors as well. Some investors will look at the up and coming streetwear brands and put money into them. Others will go for a much safer option and invest in those brands that have already made a bit of success. 

There have been quite a few celebrities that have started their clothing brand. This can be another great area for people to put their money in as well. Celebrities just as Justin Bieber and Kanye West have released their streetwear. Kanye started his Yeezy brand which originally did not get off to a good start. After that, it became a global phenomenon.

Why Is Streetwear Such a Success

Streetwear is branded clothing at its best. Many people love their clothes that have printed pictures or writing on them. It also could be as simple as a brand logo on a t-shirt. Urban streetwear is something that you can spot a mile away. There is much more than a brand logo or name that attracts people. 

Streetwear is usually very comfy to wear. It can also be worn casually as well. Streetwear clothing tends to be a relaxed and baggy fit compared to your other fashion trends out there. Your full outfit does not have to be streetwear. You could be wearing a casual outfit with some streetwear shoes. It can also be a printed t-shirt with some jeans or shorts. At the end of the day, it can be whatever you want it to be. 

Streetwear is a style that looks great as well. It gives people that quirky look that helps them stand out from the crowd. It can be seen as exclusive as well as make people feel that they are part of a community. Not to mention that it is a great way for people to build their style


Streetwear has been around for a long time. It originally started in the 1970s and seemed to have never gone away. Now, it has become a global trend where many other countries are jumping on the trend. Furthermore, streetwear is something that you see everywhere. Whether it is on an advertisement billboard or the front of a billboard magazine. 

Streetwear is not for everyone. However, one thing that you cannot deny is that the style has been around for a long time and has been a massive influence on fashion. If anything, it has got even more popular than it once was because of celebrities and social media. 


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