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There are many places where you can get married in 2021. You have just survived your toughest test with your partner through the pandemic, which was a massive make or break for a lot of relationships. We are now getting back to our normal lifestyles meaning that we can travel the world once again, so why not head abroad for your special day! 

Knowing marriage is on the horizon is a very exciting time, so there is no better time than now to start planning. Many people prefer to get married back at home, however, you might be one of those people that prefer to get married abroad. If you are one of those people then this guide will be perfect for you. Here are just a few countries that you should consider for your special day!


A wonderful holiday destination and an even better wedding destination. If you live in the United Kingdom, this country is only a couple of hours away for your perfect wedding in the blistering sunshine. It is easy to understand why UK couples would want to get married at this wonderful destination. Beautiful beaches, picturesque sunsets and an amazing relaxed vibe across the country. It just seems like the dream to get married in Ibiza. 

When is The Best Time To Get Married In Ibiza?

Well, it is very easy to see that any time of the year is the best time to get married in Ibiza. However, some months are far better than others in terms of flight costs and the number of tourists. June, July, August and September is when Ibiza peaks at its highest temperatures. Although, you will probably not want to get married to those scorching temperatures, especially if you are walking around in a suit or dress all day. The best months that you should target that will not only have fewer tourists but will also be cooler are April, May and October. 


France is one of those countries that is easy to get to, not to mention that it has the capital of romance there as well. Everything is great about France. That is why it makes it one of the best countries to have your wedding. 

Not only is the weather great in southern France but the wine, food and the wonderful landscapes that are scattered throughout this country are something that you need to witness with your own eyes. Not to mention it is the home of the art deco style. This makes France the best possible place to compliment your art deco engagement rings with your wedding rings. 

When is The Best Time To Get Married In France?

France is a popular holiday destination for many people throughout the year. So, there are fewer months to choose from compared to Ibiza. If you are a couple that wants the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography, then the end of June or mid-July will be the best time for you. 

The reason for this is because the lavender trees will be flourishing during these times. If you are not bothered about that then choose mid-May or even October when the weather is warm enough but not too warm for you to break a sweat in your suit or dress. Just remember to pack the essentials for a European trip


Greece is one of those countries that suffered massively during the pandemic. It is understandable why as well because it lives off tourism massively. Not only is tourism a massive input into Greece’s economy but so are weddings, which is one of the reasons why you should consider having your wedding at their coastal resorts.

Another great positive about this wonderful wedding destination is the scorching hot temperatures. However, that might not be perfect for everyone. Nonetheless, the perfect coastal backdrops are everything that you need for your wedding photos

When is The Best Time To Get Married In Greece? 

Like Ibiza, Greece is heavily populated by tourists throughout the year. Although there are many times in the year where it is a lot more popular than other times. It will either be filled with those young party-goers or tourists that are there to admire the wonderful views around the country. There are many Greek islands to consider as well for a wedding. 

Anyways, if you are looking for deep blue skies throughout the day until the late evening hours, June to September will be the best time for you. These are the best months to keep on top of that beautiful golden tan as well. 

To Conclude

Many wonderful countries in the world will be perfect for your wedding day. Malta, Scotland and Gibraltar are just a select few off the top of my head. Remember, if you are looking to travel abroad then look at days that will be the cheapest to fly out on. A wedding can be very costly. The last thing that you want to be doing is booking a holiday that is in peak times and the hotels, wedding venues and flight costs are all going to be at a peak price.


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