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Maintaining an organized, spacious, and clean office environment is one of the key distinguishing features of successful companies. It allows management and staff to collaborate without space restriction and unnecessary stressors surrounding them. But de-cluttering the office is a somewhat sensitive issue that is far more complex than your usual monthly household cleaning routine.

There Is Work To Be Done

Mass de-cluttering has to be timed strategically to avoid affecting workplace productivity and project deadlines. Make sure you pick a date that works best for everyone. It could be a weekend, holiday, or even a laid-back workday.

Information Should Be Carefully Segregated

Businesses accumulate confidential data over time. Being careless and hasty when segregating physical and virtual copies can result in costly security breaches. Companies have two choices – either manage the disposal of the files themselves or hire a third-party contractor, like Vital Records Control, that specializes in data disposal. The latter has more appeal to most companies because of the many benefits it brings, such as cost-effectiveness, conservation of time and labor resources, and more advanced disposal protocols.

5 Things You Should Remember When De-Cluttering The Office

It Will Take Some Planning

Although it sounds as simple as throwing a few things you don’t need, de-cluttering your workforce should involve thorough planning and preparation. List all items you don’t need, the items you may have some use for in the future and therefore should be stored in a facility, and valuable items that can be resold for a profit. Keep in mind that de-cluttering may not be reversible for some items including hardware. Planning will help avoid these mistakes.

You Will Need A Place To Dump The De-Cluttered Equipment

Most business managers and owners only think as far as how they will be de-cluttering their work space and don’t really plan what comes after. Your de-cluttered supplies and equipment will require a larger transport vehicle and should not be dumped in front of your headquarters as this reduces the curb appeal of your brand.

Replace Equipment With Sleeker Alternatives

If your work space looks like an office from the 90s where they had stone-age computers, bulky file cabinets, and dinosaur telephones with wiring and cables looping around desks, it may be time for an office renovation. Obviously, there will be costs involved, yet the noticeable improvement in staff performance and core operations will make every penny worthwhile.

Every business, regardless of size or industry, must remember these five things before they de-clutter their offices. It will help ensure sound continuity of operations and minimize use of essential business resources.